Dana White talks to Megan Olivi | INTERVIEW | POST-FIGHT | UFC 227

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Megan Olivi caught up with Dana White after a wild UFC 227 in Los Angeles.

- And, Dana, let's get right into it. Man, that main event between TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt-- and lasted, once again, very quickly. Just one round this time. TJ with the knockout over Cody. What did you think of that very short but very entertaining fight?

- Yeah, I figured that's the way it would go. I figured both were going to come out and be aggressive, both guys would go for the knockout. And I felt like it was a matter of whoever caught that chin first is how that fight would go. And that's pretty much the way it went.

MEGAN OLIVI: Yeah, it certainly is. TJ seems like he's game for anything, whether it's 135 or the new champion at 125, Henry Cejudo. What would you like to see for TJ Dillashaw's future.

DANA WHITE: Yeah, I love it. I love the fact that both of these guys are interested in fighting each other. I think that when you're the champion, you know, obviously, you should be willing to fight, take on all comers. But I like that they're willing to immediately jump to different divisions and fight each other. That's fun stuff. I love it. The fans love it. It's exciting.

MEGAN OLIVI: And the fans loved that co-main event between Demetrius Johnson and Henry Cejudo. Did you love it?

- Incredible fight. Incredible fight by both guys. It's unbelievable how far Cejudo has come since that last fight with Mighty Mouse. And I was sitting there. And there's was a huge group text between me and the matchmakers, Lorenzo Fertitta, and a lot of people that are on this group text. And we were just talking about, you know, it was an absolute stud show. I mean, the stuff that was going down in that Octagon, the technique, and it was awesome-- loved it.

MEGAN OLIVI: Did you have it scored 2-2 going into the fifth? Or how did you have it?

DANA WHITE: I had it 2-2 going into the fifth. I did.

MEGAN OLIVI: Did you expect wrestling to be the key to victory for Henry Cejudo?

DANA WHITE: I did. You know, he tried to mix it up a few times with Demetrius. He's too fast. Yeah, I figured he had to get in there and try to get that takedown, and get that top position, and land some punches.

- Yeah, well, an Olympic gold medalist is now carrying UFC gold. That's Henry Cejudo, the new flyweight champion. Dana, there's a lot of fun matchups to be made now and the future. We look forward to it. We also look forward to all these fun cards in the fall. We will see you in Dallas for the next one.

- All right.

- Thanks.

-Thank you.