Michael Bisping and Dominick Cruz step into the octagon to give their analysis on the main event | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Michael Bisping and Dominick Cruz take to the mat to give their analysis of how the main event fight will play out

- OK, we're here in the octagon. We're going to break down this main event. I'm going to be Dustin Poirier. You will be Eddie Alvarez.

Now, in the first fight, Dustin did a lot of good things. Primarily, it was the straight punches straight down the pipe.

The best way, the fastest way, to throw a shot is a straight shot. Hooks are very good. They're very powerful, but it's not the quickest reach. It's not A to B. It's not as the crow flies.

Now, when Eddie throws the hooks, block, block, whoom, straight down the pipe. Another thing, when you throw hooks, if you don't hit anything, you can leave yourself overextended.

On this occasion, throw the hooks, push away. He's overextended. Step in, boom, straight shot right down the pipe, as I say. That had Eddie Alvarez wobbled in the second round. Dominick, over to you.

- We all know Eddie Alvarez is the shorter fighter, so he has to make himself relevant by getting on the inside. The way he does that is getting past the long limbs of Poirier.

When Poirier throws his straight punches, he needs to slip both ways. Sorry, jab. Slip, slip. Now that he's inside, he can rip the body and then finish his combinations to the head which he likes to do so well.

If he does, however, get stuck at the jab range of Poirier all night and he can't get by, he needs to take out the inside leg. He needs to go to the lip-- to the body here, and he needs to go high to the head.

With those combinations, he can stay competing with Poirier and shut down his left hand by kicking the leg and making him defend the high kick. These things while keeping Poirier on his heels moving back will take away the offense of Poirier altogether.

- Simple as that.

- OK.

- Not bad, Dominick. You actually sound like you know what you're talking about.

But for those people at home, there was another take that we had where I took Dominick down. Oh, look, here we go. There he is.

- I let an Englishman get me.

- The big time wrestler getting taken down by a Brit, Dominick. What is all that?

- What happened to you voice today from this little thing right here?

- Look at this, driving his fist into my Adam's apple like a little girl.

- The good news--

- They don't teach that in jiu-jitsu.

- Hey, girls are tough too, Michael.

- Thank you very much.

- I know they are.

- Yeah, Michael.

- Little girls?

- All right, listen, the good news is, folks, you can see Dominick is ready to fight again. So Calgary--