Derrick Lewis: ‘I shouldn’t get a title shot at least another 2 or 3 fights’ | INTERVIEW | UFC 226

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Derrick Lewis and Dana White discuss his underwhelming performance against Francis Ngannou.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Yeah, I already know it's a [BLEEP] fight. You know, ain't nothing to it. You know, I don't fight like that all the time. It was a bad performance by both of us, I already know that. You know, it's nothing I can really do, you know. Either that or fold up and let the pain continue hurting. I thought it would be more satisfying. I promise you, It's really not. You know, I'm not even a little happy because if I would've had a more dominant performance, I believe I should be next in line for the title shot. But that was piss poor performance and I shouldn't get a title shot at least another two or three fights.

- You know with the whole card was so good, you can have a stinker. And that thing was an abomination, you know. But you can give the-- you know, people can give us a pass when the card was this good, so.