UFC Tonight Crew analyzes the fight between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis | BREAK DOWN | UFC 226

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Kenny Florian and Michael Bisping join Karyn Bryant to discuss the disappointing fight between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis.

- Guys, to our co-main event. It was Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis. Michael, they fought more during our weigh-ins yesterday--


KARYN BRYANT: --than they did tonight in the Octagon. As they say, wha-a-at happened?

MICHAEL BISPING: So what is this? Are we looking at a highlight? Wha-- is there a highlight that we can watch on the-- well, listen, this is probably about all we saw happen in the fight. I like both of these guys. I'm a massive fan of them. I said yesterday that this would definitely deliver. Of course, it didn't. Now, both guys have lost fights before, but when they've won the fights, they're used to being the bigger guy. They're used to being the aggressor. They're used to being the intimidating one.

Tonight, they were met with somebody that was as intimidating, as big, as strong, as hard-hitting as they were, and it kind of made them freeze. It kind of made them not want to walk into the-- into the firing line. You can't do that. As fighters, we sign the-- the dotted line-- you have to go in there and fight. And sometimes it might not go your way, but that's the risk you got to take.

KENNY FLORIAN: Absolutely, I agree with you. But, you know, just to give fans a little bit of perspective with both of these two behemoths in there, shots like Daniel Cormier on the inside is exactly why you have to be careful trading in the pocket. The problem is these guys were just way too scared to throw anything. None of these guys were really throwing any shots on the inside. They were throwing kicks all the way from the outside. Nothing was really landed-- landing at all. There were maybe 10 strikes that probably landed the whole fight, and that is no exaggeration. So it was unfortunate, but the good news is, you know, I get so riled up after some of these fights is that I'm probably going to play this fight and maybe help myself go to sleep.

KARYN BRYANT: Kenny Florian!

- What? It's true. I love these guys.

- No, and so do I-- I-- I--

- There was no-- there was no action.

- No, I-- I even tweeted I was legitimately angry with that, because the frustration of not seeing something that I felt like we were promised, and I know that both men can deliver-- it was frustrating.

- It's not like these guys aren't capable of--

- Exactly, they're both dynamic.

- They're tremendous fighters with big-time power.