Dana White talks with Megan Olivi after UFC 226 | INTERVIEW | UFC 226

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Dana White talks with Megan Oivi about all the highs and lows from UFC 226.

- Thank you so much, Karen. Dana, we're in the room while the champ champ, Daniel Cormier, is doing some interviews just a feet away from us. It's hard to summarize everything that happened tonight. But talk to me first about Daniel Cormier knocking out Stipe Miocic.

- Yeah, in the first round. I'm really happy for him. I'm proud of him. I feel like he's finally going to get the respect that he deserves. Beating Stipe is a big deal and especially the way that he did it.

- As you're watching the fight, the beginning of the fight seems like it might have been going Stipe ways. And then Daniel made some adjustments, got more comfortable. What was going through your mind there? Did you think that was a possibility?

- No, I thought it was-- it started out as a great fight. We had to watch the abomination of a heavyweight fight before that. But then that fight came out, and these two both stepped right in there and started blasting each other.

And I was like oh, my god, this is a good fight. These two are bringing it. It's as good a heavyweight fight as you'll ever see.

- Good of a fight as we'll ever see. You certainly didn't count Daniel Cormier out when you made this fight because you made this fight. But were you surprised by the amount of people that were counting him out?

- No, like I said, Cormier is one of those guys that hasn't got the respect he deserves. And he went out there and got it tonight. He earned it.

This guy has done amazing things. He's still now undefeated as a heavyweight. And he's the heavyweight champion.

So it's one of those funny things because he actually went down to 205 because his friend Cain Velasquez was in the heavyweight division. So he sort of stepped aside for a long time for Cain. Who knows what this guy could have accomplished at heavyweight this whole time.

- Yeah, absolutely. He mentioned that there are some hurdles for possibly his next heavyweight fight being against Brock Lesnar. Did you invite Brock here tonight? Did he want to come?

- Brock and I have been talking for a while. So I made that very clear a while ago. And yeah, so we've been talking.

- OK, and obviously he got fired up in there. Were you surprised by that?

- No, he was fired up when he got here. The minute he walked over to the side of the cage he was all fired up and going crazy. I was trying to chill him out. And he says if you don't let me get in that octagon, I'm going to jump in the octagon. So he was here to pick a fight tonight.

- Yeah, and he certainly did that. Daniel Cormier-- light heavyweight champion, heavyweight champion. I'm not going to ask you to match make. But do you think it's likely that Brock Lesnar is his next opponent?

- Yes.

- Excellent. Well, thank you for an incredible super fight tonight, boss. We appreciate it.

- Thank you.

- It was really fun. Karen, back to you guys to discuss.