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Suarez sat down with Kenny Florian and Dominick Cruz to talk MMA.

KENNY FLORIAN: Our next guest stopped Alexa Grasso. In Chile just 11 days ago, and yet she still found time to join us. Tatiana, how was Chile?

TATIANA SUAREZ: I loved it. It was a great country. And it was nice to finally be the first fight in Chile. So, pretty cool.

KENNY FLORIAN: It seemed like a great crowd, as well.


KENNY FLORIAN: Was Grasso an easier fight than you expected?

TATIANA SUAREZ: I was prepared for a war, you know, so it was a little-- I mean, I should never complain about like getting out of there--


TATIANA SUAREZ: Within three minutes. But, yeah, I was prepared for a war. And I thought-- I didn't think it was going to go that way. I thought I would submit her, but I didn't think it would come that quickly.

DOMINICK CRUZ: does it take to get back in the swing of things after a long layoff, especially prior to this last fight? Like what does it take to get in the swing?

TATIANA SUAREZ: I'm always constantly training. You know, I don't really feel like I ever just-- I don't do nothing. You know, I'm always training. I'm always doing something. If my hand hurts, I'm doing footwork drills. If my legs hurt or something, I'm doing something with my upper body.

So I had, you know, shoulder surgery before my fight with the Viviane and-- but I-- right after I took my arm out of the sling I started doing physical therapy right away. So I was never not doing anything.

KENNY FLORIAN: You know, I know you said you wanted to really earn your journey to the title. What does that look like? What is that perfect picture of you finally fighting for the ball?

TATIANA SUAREZ: You know, I'll fight whoever they give me. You know, I've never chose my opponents. I've never called anybody out. They just give me whoever.

It was a good thing that I was able to fight Alexa because she has a great following. She's a good fighter. You know, she's never been stopped before. So I thought-- you know, I made it in my mind a goal to stop her.

KENNY FLORIAN: So you use your wrestling to win a lot of your fights. You use that pressure as well, your ground or pound and ultimately getting it done with your submissions. A lot of people are comparing you to Khabib Nurmagomedov. Do you like that comparison?

TATIANA SUAREZ: I mean, it's not a horrible comparison, is it? Yeah, you know, I like his style. I like his dominate, you know, ground control. He's really, really good in that area.

And I like his ground and pound. That's phenomenal. I think I incorporate a little bit more jujitsu--


TATIANA SUAREZ: Than he does. You know, I go for the chokes and whatever is available to me at the time. But it's, man, MMA is so difficult. Just when you think you have things like kind of figured out, you're like, OK, now I have to focus on this.

And I have to focus on-- It's the hardest sport in the world. It really is. It's crazy because you have to incorporate everything and put them all together and make them flow perfectly.

KENNY FLORIAN: I agree with you there. All right, well here's Habib as a child fighting a bear. So that got us thinking, if you fought a bear, what would the tale of the tape look like? Look at him, he's actually wrestling a bear. How old is he there, Dom?

DOMINICK CRUZ: probably my age, what 33? No--

KENNY FLORIAN: That is cray-- yeah, exactly.

DOMINICK CRUZ: you know, he looks my weight class then. I don't know.

KENNY FLORIAN: So here it is. Here's the tale of the tape.


KENNY FLORIAN: Six foot five versus five foot five. You know, the bear only has like a 200 pound advantage on you. I like the style. The signature move, sprawl and mall.


KENNY FLORIAN: That is great. Sleeping seven months out of the year, that's a good accomplishment.

DOMINICK CRUZ: I mean, you know, being as you don't really care about weight divisions, you said that you'd find at 115 or 125, right?

TATIANA SUAREZ: Yeah, I mean, you know what's kind of weird? Is I was talking to one of my teammates and I told him I wanted to fight people in the 125 division as well. And more so because like I just want to fight whoever. You know, I just want to fight and get that experience.

I was like, I want to be like the Cowboy that just goes anywhere, and any-- you know, just kind of fights everybody. But that's that-- you know, I love to compete. Who doesn't like-- you know, they're like OK, yeah, I like to train.

No one's like, oh, I love training all the time and never competing like, you know. I love to compete. So I'll fight anybody at any weight class. You know, I was thinking about going 135 when they didn't have a 125 division. So shoot, the 125 is like actually something that's even more-- I could wrap my head around more.

KENNY FLORIAN: I love it, more options. Well listen, stick around, Tatiana. You'll get a swing at the punching bag at the end of the show. There's more UFC Tonight coming up.