Darren Till talks to Megan Olivi | INTERVIEW | WEIGH-INS | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Megan Olivi caught up with Darren Till at the ceremonial weigh-ins after Till came in 4 pounds overweight.

- Darren, obviously the first of Fight Week, which is the battle with the scale, didn't quite go your way this morning. What happened?

- Eh, I just-- I got-- I started cutting weight and I got called on an emergency, family emergency, so I was sort of between that and between cutting me weight, and I came in three pounds shorter, you know. I was going to try me best and I couldn't make it. I al-- I always do make weight, and I am a big guy, but I can't apologize enough. That-- that embarrasses me. But still, the fight's on, and I'm going in there to still win.

- Yeah, the fight is on. Was there any concern on your end that this might not actually come together?

- Well, yeah. They've obviously made me weigh in tomorrow much lighter, so I have to weigh in in the morning. So that's-- that's another challenge. I said he could have 100% of my purse as well. Money's not an object for me. I offered that. I don't know how much percent-- I don't care. So, you know.

- Yeah, you're putting that behind you. Let's talk about the fight itself. Obviously, that's what you're most excited about. How do you believe you get your hand raised against Stephen Thompson?

- Any way-- five rounds, first round, second round. I've just visualized every way, and I just can't see, oh, Stephen beats me. I just-- he just can't beat me. He just cannot beat me. He's-- he is an amazing fighter, tricky style and that, but I think he's got the wrong impression of me. He thinks I'm going to come in aggressive. It's-- it's not that simple, mate. Me fighting style-- as soon as I'm in the Octagon, I'm way-- I'm straightaway off from the bell working him out, and I know I'm going to work him out in such a way that I'm going to finish him. I believe it.

- Excellent. Well, I know the fans here in Liverpool would absolutely love that. Darren, best of luck to you. We appreciate your time.

- Thank you.