Kamaru Usman talks with Laura Sanko | INTERVIEW | WEIGH-INS | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Laura Sanko caught up with Kamaru Usman after his weigh-in face-off with Demian Maia in Santiago on Friday.

- Kamaru, given the fact that you're not a fighter that a lot of people are lining up to fight, given the changes to this main event, how excited are you that this is finally official?

- I'm very excited. This is something that I asked for a couple of years ago, and it just came to fruition. But I'm extremely excited that the UFC finally got it done. And I feel like this is where I belong, with an opponent of this caliber.

LAURA SANKO: You've been long saying that you have the best grappling in the welterweight division. What are the chances that we see you go out tomorrow night and try to prove a point?

KAMARU USMAN: I'm going to go out tomorrow night and put on a good performance. That's spectacular performance, wherever I want it to be. So I'm not trying to play jujitsu or striking or this and that. It doesn't matter. I control the fight wherever it takes place. So that's what you're going to see tomorrow is a spectacular performance.

- Demian Maia's last opponent was your nemesis Colby Covington. Anything in the back of your head about sort of showing him up and getting a little bit more of an exciting finish in this fight?

KAMARU USMAN: No, it has nothing to do with him. He's behind me. I don't even worry about him. All I'm worried about is the task at hand, and that's Demian Maia, and going out and putting on a spectacular performance.

- Thank you so much for taking a second to chat with us, Kamaru. Best of luck to you tomorrow.

- Thank you.