Amanda Cooper goes off on Mackenzie Dern | INTERVIEW | WEIGH-INS | UFC 224

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A motivated Amanda Cooper vents to Megan Olivi after Mackenzie Dern missed weight by 7 lbs.

- Amanda that was a pretty intense stare down up there. What was going through your mind?

- You know, it's a fight that I've been wanting. I'm really excited for it. There's a lot of emotions, today. You know, I had a tough cut. And my opponent, kind of disrespected me in the sport. And I think the Brazilian fans.

So you know, there's a lot of emotion. Because I am emotional. I'm upset. I'm mad. I think everyone else should be. There's too many cheers for someone that misses weight by not a small portion, but a large portion. And let me tell you what, I cannot wait until tomorrow night.

MEGAN OLIVI: Was it difficult for you to say, yes I will take this fight, even though she's so much over? What went through your mind at that point?

- As soon as I heard that Mackenzie was gonna weigh weight, I almost started crying. I'm like, whatever I have to do to make weight. Whatever I have to do to get this fight.

I am not going home with some money. I'm going home, as a winner. And that's all that mattered to me-- was I'm gonna take this fight. And it's going to be everything that I thought of, everything that I called. I'm gonna beat this girl.

MEGAN OLIVI: How would you believe you get it done? Because this is something where she wants to take it to canvas. We know where she is most skilled. What are you expecting to do out there?

- I'm already expecting a broken Mackenzie Dern. She couldn't make the weight. She couldn't get this stuff done. She missed her flight getting here. That is not a professional.

I'm gonna stuff her shots. I'm gonna punch her in the face, and I'm going to break her. More than she's already broken.

- We are so looking forward to this fight. Amanda, best of luck to you. Real pleasure to speak to you.

- I appreciate it. Thank you so much.