Mackenzie Dern missed weight by a lot | WEIGH-INS | UFC 224

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Mackenzie Dern missed weight by over 7 lbs and will forfeit 30% of her fight purse to her opponent Amanda Cooper.

- The big news coming out of Brazil this morning, MacKenzie Dern missed the weight by more than seven pounds. Now, her fight with Amanda Bobby Cooper is still on.

Dern will surrender 30% of her show money to her opponent. Dominic, this is not a great look. And this is only Mackenzie's second UFC fight.

DOMINICk CRUZ: Yeah, you know, you get people who miss weight. That's regular, when you miss by one half a pound, 0.2, maybe even one pound, I'll give you somewhat of a pass.

But seven pounds almost seems intentional. It almost seems as a game plan. It almost seems as intelligent. If your biggest base is grappling, and you get a 10-pound advantage in grappling, in just wrestling alone-- what kind of advantage is that, Tyron?

- It's a pretty damn big advantage there.

- That being said, if you need the takedown, you count on it, and count on the submission grappling, that's a huge advantage. And it's actually kind of intelligent, because wins matter more than anything.

- Well, MacKenzie does have a history with missing weight in some of her prior performances. And Amanda Cooper, took to Twitter this morning saying, not shocked MacKenzie Dern missed weight.

But 7.4 pounds over is a disgrace to all professionals. She's not getting out of this fight that easy. Fight is still on. ABC nation, get ready. Strawweight versus flyweight tomorrow night, in Brazil.

Now Tyron, this is an interesting stat, of the five fighters who missed weight this year and did go on to compete, they were all victorious. So how does ABC approach this tomorrow?

- Well I'll second that this is a disgrace. And I would add to that, not only should the 30% be taken away from her show, she should actually forfeit her win bonus. That would give-- 7.5 to 7 pounds overweight is crazy.