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Stephens joined the UFC on FOX crew at the desk in Orlando after his weigh-in face-off against Josh Emmett

- And Dominic Micheal, and of course, Lil Heath and Jeremy Stephens here with us. And listen, dude, you were in action January 14 against Duho Choi. We actually have the highlights here. We want to have you walk us through, if you could. That was a spectacular fight. I mean, you pretty much are never in a boring fight. But you wouldn't mind going through the action for us here.

- You know, Troy was tough. You know, he's really evasive. he was really hard to hit. I had to start smothering him. As you can tell, I started to make him pay for some kicks. And then land a good right. See him turning that way. Set up for the overhand.

And I just tried to overwhelm him with the ground and pound. You know, I see deer in the headlights right there. I could see his eyes. He was breaking. He is breathing really heavy. And we get the finish and a great celebration, may I add.

- That was awesome.

- Hey, you mad.

- Yes, exactly.

- What about Emmet's style have you seen in the past 28 fights you've had in the UFC so far? Like you've already seen this guy's tools before. So what about him did-- what fight can you go back to remember Josh Hemming?

- All my fights, you know. Everybody I've ever fought has been a wrestler. They think they can get me down to the ground. I've been fighting these guys since day one. This is what I was born to do is stop guys like this. We match up stylistically really well with guys like him. And we just got go out there and perform and live in the moment and just enjoy putting it down on him.

- 11 years in the UFC. It's incredible. It really is. I mean, I've been in there 12, but it's not a competition. But 11 year--

- It's always a competition.

- We're going to take a look at the vault. I think because we've gt some old school footage of you here. When our producers are ready. Here we are, from the Vault. I'm not sure what this is going to be. Oh, look at this guy.

- Wow.

- No beard.

- No shades.

- No shades, no beard.

- How much have you changed since the guy we first saw 11 years ago.

JEREMY STEPHENS: Oh, you know, I was a brawler. I would just walk forward. No head movement. Not until I really got out to San Diego, learning from Dominic Cruz right here. He's like my brother, next to me. Eric Del Fierro, my head coach. You know, working on tons of things to evolve my game.

I don't just knock people out with right hands. You know, I knock them out with flying knees, head kicks. My head movement is a lot better, unlike my man over here. So you know, we're working constantly.

- Earlier on the feature, it talks about your struggle in life, to get to where you are today, which I absolutely love by the way. And congratulations on everything. Your opponent, Josh Emmett, he was up here before. And I got to say, he was talking a big game. He was talking about beating you, being champion next year. It is like he's almost looking past you, and he is ranked number four. What do you say?

- You know, I don't-- I just ignore his talk. You know, I don't dial in to that. I'm pretty focused on where I'm going, what I'm going to do tomorrow night. We have a great game plan. And we just plan on shutting him down.

We just got to go in there and perform. Do what we do best. And stylistically, again we match up well with this kid. And we are going to shut him down.

- All right. So I have to ask you a question here, Jeremy. Because you've been in a lot of great fights, but you've also been in some intense arm wrestling matches. We have some footage here that the folks need to see here. You and Mr. Bisping--

- I am the champ.

- Are you?

- Of multiple things.

- Are you? Like, OK, we've got the footage here. But the problem is, our footage, as you'll see here in a moment--

- Well, hold on. Look at this left alive for a reason. No one takes that left arm down. Jeremy, talk.

JEREMY STEPHENS: OK, I'll go ahead with this. I don't have my footage. It's in an old phone. I'll have to go back and dig it up just to prove. But Bisping's left hand is very deadly. You know, I say, ask Rockwell, because that's the way he knocked him out. My right hand, I did beat him.

- But listen--

- I still have the footage.

- So what happened here though. The footage stopped.

- Of course Bisping kept that out of there.

- So what happened after the footage stopped.

- I guess he--

- Should we have a rematch.

- No--

- We just did.

- He's got to fight.

- I got to go down any time, anywhere, any place--

- Thumb wrestle. Thumb wrestle.

- Any weight class.


- Thanks for the invite.

- Still waiting on my fee.

- You were invited. You were just being busy hitting the people up with the--

- All right, we could goof around with you all day, Jeremy. But I feel like you might want to do something else for a little while to get ready for your fight, your main event tomorrow, with Josh Emmett. As I said before, you are never in a boring fight. You are the favorite in this one tomorrow night, so good luck to you.

JEREMY STEPHENS: Thank you guys very much. And man, I love competing with Mike Bisping. He is great here. You know, this is an honor to be up here. I really appreciate it. And we're going to make some magic happen here in Orlando.

- Awesome.

- Good luck tomorrow, mate.