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Megan Olivi caught up with Tecia Torres after her weigh-in face-off against Jessica Andrade

MEGAN OLIVI: Tecia, I know you were delayed a day in getting here to Orlando. I know you like to keep a very regimented schedule. How did you stay on track, both physically and of course mentally, then?

TECIA TORRES: Uh, physically, I went home. Went to the gym and got in a swim workout. And then the next day, we got here. Soon as I got here, I went to the open workout. After that, I went and did my own little workout. But, um, mentally that was a little bit harder for me. So good thing I had Raquel with me and my team. And they just let me know, you know, things happen. It's life. And just roll with the punches and get on with it.

MEGAN OLIVI: You know you're certainly prepared now. That is in the past. Um, how are you looking at this match-up in terms of the brawler versus your karate striking?

TECIA TORRES: Uh, It's going to be a great one. I think it's going to be a war. I think we're both going to bring it to each other. And I think she's in for some surprises.

MEGAN OLIVI: Do you feel like you have to do something very dominant or crazy with one of these surprises in order to ensure that you do get the next title shot?

TECIA TORRES: I think whoever wins, there is, without a doubt. I don't think anybody can say that we don't deserve it. So, uh, I just think a victory over Jessica would put me in line for the title shot.

MEGAN OLIVI: What do you believe is the biggest thing you'll have to overcome in this match-up in order to get your hand raised?

TECIA TORRES: Um, just her-- you know, her toughness, her bullying. If she keeps coming forward at you, you know, she doesn't stop. She's a great wrestler, very strong. But you know, I'm strong myself. I have great movement. I'm a very great striker and my wrestling and jitsui is only getting better.

MEGAN OLIVI: We're so looking forward to this match-up. This is going to be a great one. Tecia, best of luck to you.

TECIA TORRES: Thank you very much.

MEGAN OLIVI: Thank you.