Jessica Andrade vs Tecia Torres face-off | WEIGH-IN | UFC on FOX

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Andrade faced off against Torres in Orlando after both fighters made weight ahead of their co-main event fight on Saturday.

ANNOUNCER 1: All right, folks. Well, as you see, walking out with Tecia is her partner and coach, Rocky Pennington. Now Rocky actually fought Jessica Andrade twice. Went one and one wither her. So, I spoke to her about this. She said she's been able to give her some great insight on how to fight Jessica Andrade. But in general, she said that Tecia had a fantastic camp. They brought in a lot of training partners from all over. And she just said mentally, physically, she's just in a really, really great place right now.

MC: And her opponent, former title challenger currently ranked number two in the world, Jessica Andrade.

ANNOUNCER 1: The pile driver. Jessica Andrade, ranked number two in the division. She's coming off an incredibly impressive win over Claudia Gadelha in Japan this fall. Since moving to fly weight, Jessica has a record of four in one, losing only to the former champ, Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

MC: 116 for Jessica Andrade.

ANNOUNCER 1: All right, and with that, folks, we are going to say goodbye to Megan for a little bit. We will see you backstage.

MEGAN: Thank you so much, guys. It's been a pleasure.

ANNOUNCER 2: Always.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is a really fantastic fight, you guys. Both of these women, as we mentioned, looking to get into the title picture once again.