Jeremy Stephens and Josh Emmett face off ahead of UFC Fight Night | WEIGH-IN | UFC on FOX

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Stephens and Emmett faced off in Orlando after making weight ahead of their main event fight on Saturday.

MC: More than 11 years on the UFC roster, the eighth-ranked featherweight contender, Jeremy "Lil Heathen" Stephens.

COMMENTATOR 1: You know, you at Jeremy's record, and you say, how is he winning so much now? How is he looking so sharp now after 30 fights, almost, in the UFC.

MC: 146 the official weight for Jeremy Stephens.

COMMENTATOR 1: Jeremy focused 100% on changing some things. He changed some of the people that worked with him in his corner. He changed his diet. He changed his running routine. And he changed the way he trained.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well, there's a mindset as well, [INAUDIBLE] mindset is, Josh Emmett has just that thing as well. I mean, we've spoke about it. his knockout over Ricardo Lamas was insane.

Just watching it again, man, that was heavy. Let's wait for the weigh although we know.

MC: 146 the official weight for Josh Emmett.

COMMENTATOR 2: You've just got to take one look at this guy know that he has a ton of power. Look at the midsection, the trunk, the core. That's where the power comes from. Both of these guys are looking for the knockout. This is a great main event.

COMMENTATOR 1: I cannot I think we're going to see a game of tacticians here. Like is Josh Emmett going to play the pull game and move backwards, which we don't really see a lot, or is Jeremy going to do that. Who is going to go which way?

- Here he is. Jeremy Stephens, 28th UFC appearance tomorrow night. Your thoughts on what we're going to see in this main event against Josh Emmett.

- We're going to make some magic happen here in Orlando. We're here to heat things up, baby!

- Congrats on another headlining spot. Have a good night. We'll see you tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, Jeremy Stephens.

All right, we step over here and talk to the last man who will make the walk tomorrow night, Josh Emmet, less than two years in the UFC, already on a Fox main event. Your thoughts on the fight with Stephens tomorrow night.

- Man, it's going to be a nonstop action-packed fight. But you know, like I said before, it's my time, and you guys are going to see tomorrow night.

- Thanks for your time. Get some rest. We'll see you tomorrow. Josh Emmett, ladies and gentlemen. Orlando, thank you for coming out. We'll see you right back at Amway tomorrow night.