Yancy Medeiros talks to Laura Sanko | WEIGH-IN | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Laura Sanko caught up with Medeiros after his weigh-in face off against Cowboy Cerrone.

- Thanks, Megan. Yancy, last time we saw you in this octagon you were in an absolute war with the other Cowboy, the Brazilian Cowboy. And now you look to go to war potentially again against Donald Cerrone. What was it about this matchup that you liked so much?

- He's going to-- Cowboy is Cowboy. It's pretty self-explanatory, and I feel like he's the type of fighter that will bring out the best in me. And just-- Cowboys are tough, and that was proven in December. So it's going-- just coming. Hawaiian's bringing the heat.

LAURA SANKO: is very dangerous, especially on the feet when he's in his rhythm. What do you feel like you need to do to keep him uncomfortable and keep him from getting in that groove?

YANCY MEDEIROS: Just get him out of that rhythm, man. Hawaiian likes to boogie, so I'm going keep my steps in there.

LAURA SANKO: Some people have speculated that maybe Cowboy's best days are behind him, but I heard you say that you expect to see the best Cowboy yet. What makes you say that?

- Just, any true fighter, they're going to come past adversity, and I'm expecting the best Cowboy. And he's going to expect the best Yancy.

LAURA SANKO: This is your first headliner in the UFC. Five rounds. Any worry about going to war a little bit too soon in the fight and potentially gassing yourself out?

- No. I mean, just-- the plan is 25 minutes of war from beginning to end. This is the business of entertainment, and we here to entertain.

LAURA SANKO: Well, best of luck to you. Thank you so much for taking a second to talk to us.

- Any time.

- Megan, back to you.