Iuri Alcantara TKO’s Joe Soto | HIGHLIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Iuri Alcantara TKO's Joe Soto in the first round during the Fight Night prelims.

- Can Soto take it?

- Oh, and this one. And he's down! Here goes Alacantara! And--

- Stop the fight, man.

- Not yet! [INAUDIBLE] Did he call it?

- They stopped it. They stopped it.

- He did! Iuri Alcantara brings the crowd to his feet! About a minute into the first round! And [INAUDIBLE] is back!

- Man, I didn't know if the ref was stopping that fight or not. I didn't know what was going on. But I'm looking out for Joe Soto, who's taking some unnecessary shots there. He was in a precarious position just eating shots to the chin. The ref finally stepped in and saved him from eating shots that he just doesn't need to be taking. Beautiful job from Alcantara. Swarmed him. He knew he hurt him to the body. And he jumped all over him, elbows, big punches, and just ground and pounded. Got to finish. Great job from Iuri Alcantara.

- His 35th win as a professional. That is now 21 first round finishes and that is what has made him a world class name in MMA. Our move of the fight is sponsored by Metro PCS, bringing you closer than ever to the UFC, putting knockout coverage in your hands by covering 99% of people in the US.

- This is after he had stung him to the body with that front kick. He hurt him, hit him right in the liver. And then Alcantara just swarms him. He knows he's not going to be able to properly cover up. And this is where the ref almost stops it here. And Joe Soto's tied up. He's trying to go under the leg. And he's just eating shots that he didn't need to take. Beautiful job. To work the body and then finish upstairs to the head from Alcantara. He saw that he was hurt, and he jumped all over him.

- A pro since 2003. Alcantara has been around the block. And that is what has made him--