Eryk Anders talks with Heidi Androl | INTERVIEW | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Heidi Androl caught up with Anders after a difficult weight cut in Belem on Friday.

- Thank you very much, Karen. Well, first things first. How about this crowd? What was it like walking out there on to that stage?

- It's awesome. The Brazilian fans are definitely some of the most passionate in MMA, and I expect and hope that they're very loud tomorrow evening.

HEIDI ANDROL: When you called out Lyoto Machida less than a month ago, did you expect this fight to materialize as quickly as it did?

- Well, I didn't say it for no reason, you know? So, you know, I'm glad he accepted the fight, and I'm glad we're here. And I'm looking to take care of business tomorrow.

HEIDI ANDROL: I hear that you had a little trouble with the weight cut. Obviously the hot water not working in the hotel this morning. Mentally, what does that do to your game at [INAUDIBLE], and what was that like for you this morning?

- Man, you know, it sucks that you don't make weight on time. But Lyoto being the martial artist he is, the respectful person that he is, he gave me an extra hour. So, you know, we ended up getting the job done. So, you know, appreciate that.

HEIDI ANDROL: Lyoto brought back some karate coaching that he had in the past for this fight specifically. What did you do to prepare for the wildness and that karate style of Lyoto?

- I did everything. I left no stone unturned. You know, I trained every aspect of mixed martial arts. Went to train with Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson to get that karate look. So, you know, I'm well-prepared and ready to get in there tomorrow.

HEIDI ANDROL: Thank you so much for taking the time. Good luck to you. Karen, from Brazil, back over to you.