Valentina Shevchenko talks with Heidi Androl | INTERVIEW | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Heidi Androl caught up with Valentina Shevchenko after she made weight in Belem on Friday

- Thank you very much, Karen. I'm standing with the new co-main eventer, Valentina. In one sense, hearing that news, does that add any extra emotion, pressure, or excitement for you?

- Really, I just now realized that I'm coming in the event, because I was focused on my strengths, on my training, on my weight [INAUDIBLE] operation and everything. And my strength is still the same. Go to the octagon and show my job. Show everything from me. So just can't wait tomorrow.

HEIDI ANDROL: You're making your fly weight debut. You said before at Bantam that you didn't really cut weight. How was the weight cut for you this time?

- It was very easy. It wasn't difficult at all, because I did-- with my training camp I already started to go down a little bit. And it was difficult for me, because my normal bulk weight is 135. So with a little bit of diet I already was 130. And the last day with the five pounds, I think it's almost nothing.

HEIDI ANDROL: What do you think will be different in this weight class, if anything at all?

VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO: Mostly I expect that fighting with a same-sized opponent. Because 135, even though I was feeling every time great, strong, every time I was to deal with a bigger opponent and more heavier than me. And now in 125 I will have opportunity to fight with the same girls like me.

- Thank you and good luck to you. Karen, back to you.