Lyoto Machida talks with Heidi Androl | INTERVEW | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Heidi Androl caught up with Lyoto Machida after he made weight in Belem on Friday.

- Thank you very much, Karen. Well, Lyoto, I know this morning Eric had missed weight on the first try. But that was due to the bath and not having hot water. You are a gracious host here in Brazil and gave him an extra hour. What was that conversation like?

- So UFC just called me and asked if I could give some hour, an extra hour. I said, OK, let's go. Let's be equal. I think it's important because I like to compete in the same level. I like to compete in the same level.

- Absolutely. That's understandable. When he called you out just one month ago did you think this fight would materialize as quickly as it did?

- Yes. Yes, I was almost sure that it could happen and everything could happen. Just waiting for the show tomorrow. But I don't take anything too personal. I just separate as a professional. And I know tomorrow we're going to have a great show.

HEIDI ANDROL: As a professional what is your opinion of Eric Anders, and what does he bring to the octagon that you have to be cautious of?

LYOTO MACHIDA: So he's a tough opponent. He's a very well rounded fighter. He's very athletic. But I believe that I still can do a lot for the sport and I still have the power, strength, speed, and technique to make it happen.

- All right. Thank you so much. As usual, Lyoto, we appreciate it. Guys, we'll send it back to you. Karen?