Derek Brunson talks with Megan Olivi | POST_FIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Olivi caught up with Brunson after his KO loss to Jacare Souza in Charlotte on Saturday.

- Derek, obviously disappointed here. What's really your thought process right now?

- I thought I was doing good early. I had the speed advantage. I was kind of resetting, trying to take my time. And just one of these things that you've got to learn along the way. I covered up kind of lazy, and the kick kind of creeped through. I blocked it, but it creeped through. So it's tough to learn this way, but I'll take it on the chin and just keep coming back. That's it.

- You certainly have a good attitude about this. I know that you'd like to improve moving forward and get this one back. Where do you go from here?

- Oh, just back to the drawing board, keep getting better. The only mistake I really made in this fight was just relaxing, thinking that I was that much faster than him. I saw the kick coming. I blocked it, but I didn't block it properly, and it was able to creep through. So I'll just get back and make sure that I'm being tight and taking up all parts on martial arts.

- Is this a situation where you'd like to get right back into the octagon because you know that you had more to give?

- Yeah, for sure. I'll take a little bit of time off. I'll take a week off and then get back to training and get back at it-- line something up and get back at it.

- Well, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, Derek. We're looking forward to seeing you back in there.