Bobby Green talks to Megan Olivi | POST-FIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Megan Olivi caught up with Bobby Green after his unanimous decision win over Erik Kock in Charlotte on Saturday.

- Bobby, all three judges scored it for you against Erik Koch. In your mind, what was the biggest difference-maker that allowed you to get this victory?

- My heart. I push. I push and I push. I really fight with my heart. I try to show everyone out there this is what true fighting is to me.

I'll go out there, and I'll give it until I've got nothing left. And hopefully, that awards me the fight of the night. I try to show guys, yeah, you guys did your thing. You guys knock somebody out, or you guys submitted somebody. But what I give them is something totally different. I got the whole crowd into it.

MEGAN OLIVI: You certainly did. Last time I saw you, you had fought to a draw. And you were OK with the performance. But now, you seem so happy and content. How do you personally feel about what you were able to [INAUDIBLE] out there?

- First, I was OK with the last one. I got fight of the night. That's the only thing that's important to me is going out there entertaining fans, showing them this is what I do. You get something different when you see me than any other fighter.

MEGAN OLIVI: And you had mentioned a few fighters' names in the Octagon. You said, listen, if they want to fight Nate Diaz, they can come through me first. Is there anyone in particular that you're eyeing?

- I'd like to fight Kevin Lee because I think he kind of jumped the whole-- Tony was saying it. You haven't fought anybody yet. Fight somebody like me. Fight somebody that's real fighters, and then we'll give you respect.

He got into a title shot, and he didn't deserve it. So once you come and fight somebody like me, then we'll say you deserve it.

- That would be a great matchup. I'm hoping, personally, that UFC puts that together. Congratulations, Bobby, what a performance.

- And I'll fight him in Vegas in his hometown.

- Look, he's building it for himself.