Gregor Gillespie breaks down his TKO win with the UFC on FOX crew | POST-FIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Gillespie joined the UFC on FOX crew at the desk after getting the first round TKO over Jordan Rinaldi in Charlotte on Saturday.

- I've got KB here, the chosen one, the count, and the gift. Yes, folks, joined now by the victorious Gregor Gillespie. Congratulations to you, sir. 11 and 0. Great fight, great performance. Michael, actually, if you would, take us through these highlights.

- Yeah, absolutely. Well, the fight started off, and Rinaldi, you know, he liked the look of his fists because he was throwing some leather. But it wasn't long before you did what you're known for. You grabbed that single leg. You ran the pipe. You took him down.

And pretty much, it was a systematic beatdown. It was textbook. You passed the guard. You got to a dominant position.

You took the back, and you pounded him out. Talk us through it, or tell us about it.

- I mean, you just did, Michael. You took us through it step by step. I got that single leg. I ran a pipe. I passed his guard. In a mount, I threw a few punches that forced him to give his back up. When he gave his back up, I knew that he wasn't doing anything but covering up, and I heard the ref saying, you know, Jordan, you've got to move, you've got to move, you've got to protect yourself. And I knew that the end was near at that point.

- You know, as I mentioned you're 11 and 0 now. Some fighters-- a guy named Justin Gaethje said, I want to meet the guy that's my equal. Do you feel like you have to go in there and try to protect that undefeated record?

- I'm going to give you the same spiel that I gave [INAUDIBLE] in the post-fight interview. I'm not here to call anybody out. That's not my style. I'll fight who's in front of me. I'll probably win.

But if you want me to call someone out and jump through hoops to do that kind of thing, that's not me. I'm here to put on a good show for the fans, and I'm going to do my best to get a finish. So as far as putting a name on that, though, that's on me.

- OK. It should be coming to you brother. That's how you get to the top real quick. I've got a question. I don't want to be overly technical, but people that aren't from a wrestling background, when you have back control, wrestlers are known for, when they put the legs in, to go underneath the tricep, stretch out their opponent. That way they don't get knocked over the top.

Is that something that your wrestling background allows you? Because you had great back control, and then ended up with the finish?

- Absolutely, Tyrone. You're 100% right on that. And obviously, you were a very high level wrestler yourself. And I was talking with my coach, Joe Scerolla in the back about this.

I got shook off the top in my first UFC fight in Brasilia. And I wasn't under the arms. It was just a lazy, you know, bad habit. And then this fight, I made sure, when he bucked up a little bit, I got under those arms, locked my hands, and spread them out. And that was what led to the finished.

- I don't know if you know this, Gregor, but I'm also a very high wrestler myself.

- Well, no, you're really good at stopping takedowns. I'd definitely give you credit on that.

- I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Two things, one, when you said before you heard the referee saying, do something, fight back, whatever-- isn't that the best feeling in the world?

- Oh my god, I knew the end was near. But I also-- I'll tell you what, I knew that I had short time. So I had to hit him pretty hard, and I had to keep his you know him from fighting off his belly. If he got to his back, they weren't going to stop it.

- OK, so listen. You're not a loud mouth. You're not going to call people out. But what is next. When do you want to fight again?

- Well, what's next is, I'm definitely going to go fishing tomorrow. I'm going to keep training really hard, and we're going to just stick to the game plan. We're going to keep sparring. I'm healthy, so I'll keep sparring and be ready. I know there's a couple of fights close to home in April, I believe. So that's-- I mean, that's probably the short term goal.

- Nice.

- So you give up fishing. I have to give up brownies. You know, I watched the fight. And from a wrestling encyclopedia, I put together a nice little clip of [INAUDIBLE], so we can go over that real quick.

Right here, you went for the single leg, head inside. This can put you in jeopardy getting guillotine choked. immediately, you switched, went to the-- run the pipe.

Right here is what we just talked about. You called it a mount. Great mount position. If you do not do this, guys, you will get yourself shaken off the top. He readjusted himself, stretched out his opponent. It doesn't matter if you're white belt or black belt, when you're in this position, it's almost nearly impossible to get out.

In wrestling, we cannot lock our hands. It's called clasping. Guess what? MMA, you can. It put him in a great position to land a ground and pound and get the referee involved.

- I couldn't have said it better myself, Tyrone. That was perfect, and you walked it right through there.

- I could have said it better.

- So listen, Gregor--

- You don't know wrestling.

- You have to know wrestling. Now your son's wrestling, right?

- His son is crushing. I told you, I'm a very good wrestler myself.

- It's crazy how his love wrestling changed.

- I'll let him Know I'll let him know.

- Now Gregor, you said before the fight that you live a very sort of prison-style life. You eat the same thing every single day? I mean, dude, come on--

- What do you eat?

- Steak, asparagus, rice, egg whites, oatmeal, peanut butter, a couple bars, coffee, protein-- I think covers it.

- That's a lot of things.

- Every day?

- Every day. I just, I get off track easy. I get off track easy. So I have to really be regimented. It's not a lifestyle that I particularly enjoy. It's just what I have to do. And that's not just for fighting, just in general. I get off track very easy.

- All right, well, do whatever you're doing. Because there's a hype behind you, and right now, it looks like it's--

- I believe the hype, brother.

- Thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that, guys.

- Absolutely, congratulations.