Andre Fili talks with the UFC on FOX crew | POST-FIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Fili joined the UFC on FOX crew at the desk after getting the split decision win over Dennis Bermudez in Charlotte on Saturday.

- Karyn, Tyron, and Michael here with you with another big winner tonight, Andre "Touchy" Fili. And we were talking during the break, we were saying it was a very close fight. A very, very good fight. How confident were you that you [INAUDIBLE]?

- It was a very good fight that you guys thought I lost.

- I've never seen people by backtrack quite like this in my life.

- Michael, I didn't backtrack. I didn't backtrack.

- You just said five minutes ago he lost the fight.

- And I--

- He sits there, you're like "Oh, oh. It was a great fight. It was awesome."

- If you had given me a chance to say it, it was a good fight.

- Andre.

- Tell the truth. Please.

- I'm going to stand by my words, and I will tell you what I said.

- You know I love you either way. I'm just saying, "Really, bro?"

- Tell the truth, Tyron.

TYRON WOODLEY: If I was judging a fight, the fact that you took down Dennis Bermudez, which I expected him to take you down, was surprising. You used your timing. You caught him on the takedowns. Out of five attempts, you took him down, which was a very surprising tactic. He did a great job of pressing you against the octagon, taking away the reach, trying to keep you from being creative, which is a smart game plan.

When you were on the outside, jabs, straight punches. You defended every takedown. I don't know if he took you down one time in the fight. But if I'm-- just the fights that I've been in, from what the judges are watching, the person that has their butt to the back of the octagon, most of the time they're suddenly winning the fight.

ANDRE FILI: Even if my--

TYRON WOODLEY: I picked you to win.

ANDRE FILI: Even if my butts on the octagon and I'm kneeing him in the face and the belly?

TYRON WOODLEY: I picked you to win, and I also said it was an extremely close fight. If it had went either way, I wouldn't say, "OK. This is a travesty."


TYRON WOODLEY: The man that's going to talk now, that's going to act like he had your back, he picked you to lose.

- Looky, I love you guys either way. I'm just happy to be here. I wish I had a suit, but I mean-- I heard you say that in the back, and I was like "Bro, really?"

TYRON WOODLEY: Hey, you know I got your back.

ANDRE FILI: I mean, he threw the-- he would throw triple jabs, and they'd miss, and then he'd kick me in the leg a little bit. But like, so what [INAUDIBLE].

- Honestly, if I was you I would be extremely hurt, sad--

- Oh my god.

- --shocked, [INAUDIBLE].

- Because you picked him to win.

- [INAUDIBLE] You know, it doesn't matter who I picked to win. I know what I saw.

TYRON WOODLEY: I had believed that he was going to win the fight.

KARYN BRYANT: So why didn't you think he would win before the fight?

- Andre Fili won the fight. It was spectacular. He took him down.


- He defended takedowns. He used the cage.

KARYN BRYANT: Do you have a question, Mike?

- He controlled it well. Who do you want to fight next?

TYRON WOODLEY: Fili, this ain't the brother you want to have your back.

- Gregor Gillespie said, I don't call people out. You have to call somebody out right now.

- Yeah, it's not about a name. It's about that number. Because it's about the world title. To be completely honest with you, I was talking to Dominic the other day about it, and some people are so obsessed with that belt, and I'm obsessed with the belt because of everything that comes with it. Like, when I walk in a room, I want people to know I'm the man. I'm the baddest 45er in the world.

Like, I'm not obsessed with the belt. I'm obsessed with everything that the belt brings. I'm obsessed with being the best dude in the world. So like, I don't care who it is next, but I want to single digit number next to their name.

KARYN BRYANT: So, Andre, the question for you is that, you are getting more consistent now. I think that was one issue that maybe has been plaguing you in the past. You'd win one, you'd lose one. You'd win one, you'd lose one. So you're winning two fights in a row now. What is changing? Has your mentality clicked over to where you want that belt, and now you're going to be able to be more consistent?

- Yeah, I think a lot of it was just outside things. Someone asked me earlier this week if I had done enough in this fight camp to win the fight, and my answer was I've always done enough in flight camp to win the fight. I've always put everything I have into every single fight, but there were other things that, it's my fault for letting them factor in, but there are other outside things outside of fighting, like whether it was my lifestyle, or personal relationships, or other things that factored into my career.

And now I feel like, maybe because I've got a little older and wiser, or whatever reason, I'm just so focused, and I just understand what's important. And my lifestyle is different. There's all these things that factor in to fight night, and I think I really got it where it needs to be.

- Andre, the boss man, Dana White, is probably sat on his couch right now watching this. This is your chance. You want to be the man. You want everyone to know you're the baddest 145er in the world.

ANDRE FILI: Yeah. I am.

MICHAEL BISPING: I believe in one more fight, you can fight for the belt. Who do you want to fight next? And I need a name.

KARYN BRYANT: Here's the list of the top 10.

- You want a name? You want a name?

KARYN BRYANT: You want a guy with a number next to his name.

- I want-- OK, so anyone from one to five that isn't named Josh Emmett, I'll take any of them.


KARYN BRYANT: Josh Emmett beat Ricardo Lamas. Lamas coming off a loss, but that's a great fight.

TYRON WOODLEY: Brian Ortega is hanging out right now.

- Look, I will fight anyone on-- I will fight anyone.


- I'll fight-- like look, I've got respect for all these dudes, but I will fight any single one of these people that are not named Josh Emmet or Darren Elkins.


- Anyone on that [INAUDIBLE].

MICHAEL BISPING: What about this. Big fight coming up, Frankie versus Max Holloway.

- I'll take the winner.

- Who wins? No, who wins that fight? Who wins?

- I'll take the winner.

- He's like, I got the winner of that, too.

- I'm like, I'll take whatever.

- But who wins? Who wins?

- Honestly, Frankie is a great-- I'm trying not to cuss on TV. Frankie is a hero. He's been around for a long time. But I just think Max is so sharp right now. And you know, like honestly I got love for Max. I like seeing him do good. So if he's not fighting me or a teammate, I'm pretty much rooting for Max just because I like the dude, you know?

- Now Andre, didn't you just feel that awful feeling of having to pick a winner in a fight when you like both fighters? Now you know what we go through every single time. So--

- Yeah, but come on, though.

- We really-- it's no disrespect, sir. It was a very close fight, I thought.

- Yeah, no. It's OK. I get it. Y'all don't love me. It's good. I love you still. No, it's good.

- Tell them about--


- I appreciate that. Nah, I'm used--