The UFC on FOX crew recap Jacare vs Brunson | HIGHLIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Karyn Bryant, Tyron Woodley, and Michael Bisping recap the fight between Jacare Souza vs Derek Brunson in Charlotte on Saturday.

- Mike, different city, different year, same result, Jacaré Souza gets Brunson in the first round.

- Apparently, me and Tyrone do not know what we are talking about. We both picked Brunson to win this. And Jacaré-- he made it look kind of easy. Even though Brunson had his moments, even though Brunson put him under pressure, charged forward, unleashed the combinations, and seemed to be the busier guy, of course, the fight ended the same way.

Jacaré was looking for that counter right hand all night. He tried one takedown there, was unsuccessful. And me and Tyrone kept saying Jacaré has that right hand cocked, ready to go. Of course, it wasn't a right hand. It was a right head kick. He didn't block the kick properly. It still got through to the head. He felt the blow. He went down. Jacaré swarmed, and that was it.

Fantastic performance. It really was. Unlucky Brunson, a good effort. Well done, Jacaré.

- As we were going over the box score, you mentioned that the shin is a long bone, and it goes across. When you're defending the head kick-- I had to practice. This was wonderful. I saw him sitting in the front row. I had to practice that because you can't just keep it so close to your head. The impact still goes through. You've got to separate your body from the kick. He did not do that. So he had his hand up to block. The leg wrapped around, and still finishing with the KO.

- The problem is sometimes, if you put your arm out like that, you can break your arm. But that's the price you've got to pay sometimes.

- Yeah. Mike, do you remember what I said to you when the fight first started?

- I have no idea what you're referring to, Karyn.

- It was something like I got Jacaré.

- No, Jacaré. Jacaré.

- Tell you what, folks. Let's send you back octagon-side for the sixth round, which is sponsored by Motel 6. And welcome in John Anik and Dominick Cruz. Gentlemen, you guys had the best seats in the house. Was that the fight you expected?

- Well, I think a lot of people expected this was going to be a one-round fight one way or the other. Oftentimes, Derrick Brunson has been the hammer. Tonight, he was the nail.

- Well, you don't know how it's going to finish. I didn't see the head kick. But we saw the counter right hook land one time, so I started to see the ending coming one way or another. But head kick-- that just a good read by Jacaré. He was looking for it earlier, and he landed it.

- Did you get any sense that Derek Brunson was slightly nervous at all tonight fighting Jacaré again in front of the home crowd?

- I felt like Brunson looked pretty collected as he made this walk here tonight. I just think his style is such that he has become this go for broke type of fighter. And even though patience was the buzzword coming out of his mouth with us when we sat down with him on Thursday, that is not his style. I know Dominick thinks he needs to spar more if it's OK that I say that.

- Yeah. Well, just from what you see, it just looks like he could use a little bit more sparring. We don't know the training partners Derek Brunson had in. We don't know how he really particularly trained for this. But what I see is a little-- not quite enough sparring.

You're not faking enough. You're not making quite the adjustments it could be. And that's a lot of pad work where they're not coming back and hitting you. So you never know if that was a real issue, but that's what I see. And it comes down to Jacaré just willing to land the bigger shot at the right time.

This is a game of luck and a game of inches sometimes. I don't think that was lucky two times in a row, but the big shot landed for Jacaré tonight.

- Fellas, you guys are obviously closer to the walk than we are, so [INAUDIBLE]. Me and Benjamin thought he looked a tad bit nervous when he was in the octagon. Looked like he was thinking about the last time he was knocked out, and he was not so eager to engage. Did you guys see the same thing ringside?

- I think that's a fair assessment. I'm not going to argue that point with you. I think the bigger story, though, really, is Jacaré Souza. The big part of the narrative was relocating to Orlando. A lot of people wondering aloud-- who is he training with? Who are his coaches? Well, one for one is Jacaré since moving stateside. He got the desired result tonight.

- One thing I heard from a lot of interviews from fighters is I'm comfortable at home, I'm comfortable around my family, I'm comfortable around my friends. Sometimes it's not good to be comfortable getting ready for a fight. Sometimes it's good to sacrifice things. I don't know what to do to get a win every time, but you've got to sacrifice some things. You've got to be uncomfortable. You've got to be willing to do everything.

I don't know if he was nervous walking out. You guys might have seen that. I'm not 100% sure. It's hard to read that. But he looked calm to me. And we had a meeting with him. It sounded like he had some good answers, and he did come out calm, guys. I noticed he was calm, cool, collected. He didn't just sprint, leave himself to open. But in the end, he got caught anyway.