Jacare Souza KO’s Derek Brunson | HIGHLIGHT | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

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Jacare Souza KO's Derek Brunson in the first round of UFC Charlotte with a nasty head kick

JOHN ANICK: He's got a lot of respect for that power left of Derek Brunson.

DOMINICK CRUZ: Oh my goodness!

JOHN ANICK: Head kick from Souza!

DOMINICK CRUZ: Huge head kick, and he goes for a left hook to finish him! And he's punching, and that is it! They stopped it! He does it the same way he did it the first time, almost!

JOHN ANICK: Jacare Souza back in a big way tonight! The head kick spoils the night for Derek Brunson!

DOMINICK CRUZ: The pressure that you let off after a win like that, you can explain. That's what you're seeing from Jacare right now. He's just, thank goodness I can relax now. It's like taking a thousand pounds off your chest. And that's what you're seeing right now.

JOHN ANICK: And the Brazilian fans with reason to celebrate here in Charlotte. Brunson had a little bit of a perplexed look on his face. But the rematch goes to Jacare Souza.

DOMINICK CRUZ: It was a little soon, but it wasn't, you know, I mean-- I'll be honest, if I'm Brunson, I'm a little mad, but at the same time we were hurt.

JOHN ANICK: Jacare Souza, brought to tears after this win, landed the head kick.

DOMINICK CRUZ: Big head kick lands, and you just-- he almost feels like it's over there. You could see Jacare, he doesn't rush, he doesn't run, just like the first match up, and then he follows up. Head kick, comes in to finish the job, gets to the fence, throws a left uppercut, bam, bam, overhand right again. That hurts and stumbles Brunson. Another left hook, another left hook. How many of those should he eat before he keeps falling and getting up and the ref stops it?

JOHN ANICK: Good stoppage, in my humble opinion, by Dan Miragliotta. Jacare Souza! Back in the mix. We will talk to him next as FOX UFC Fight Night continues live.