Andre Fili talks Megan Olivi | WEIGH-IN | UFC Fight Night

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Fili talked with Megan Olivi ahead of his fight against Dennis Bermudez in Charlotte

- Thank you so much, Karen.

Andre, you're facing a top 15 ranked opponent. You're a huge spot in this card, in the co-main place. How are you feeling mentally about this big platform?

- Honestly, I'm just focused on the fight, you know? We're only co-main event because another fight fell out, and we could have been anywhere on the card. It doesn't matter.

I mean, I'm very excited for the opportunity, but all that really matters, you know, the more time I spend in the sport, the more I realize the only thing that matters is winning your fight. It doesn't matter where you are on the card, it doesn't matter if you're on Fox or FS1 or pay per view.

It's all the same when you're in the cage. You got to be focused, you got to be dialed in, you got to be in the moment, and you got to win your fight, good stuff will come.

MEGAN OLIVI: I know that in order to win your fight you said, you kind of had to go back to a different mentality, you needed to have fun with it again, and remember why you started doing this. How has that affected, obviously, your training, and then, how do you think it will translate into your performances?

- I mean, I think it's affected my training in so many ways, just getting back to realizing that this is what I enjoy doing. I wouldn't rather do anything else in the world than this. I started treating it like a job a little bit, and I started sort of just treating it like a nine to five, you know, like it was a grind, instead of really embracing it and having fun and realizing that there's really no other thing I'd rather be doing than fighting in front of a bunch of people on TV and getting paid for it, is all I want to do since I was 13 years old.

So I'm enjoying it, and it's had so many positive effects in my camp and my training and my last few fights, and I'm just really excited to keep this momentum going.

- We're really excited to watch. Thank you so much for your time, Andre. Best of luck to you. Thanks.

Karen, back to you.