Jacare Souza talks Megan Olivi | WEIGH-IN | UFC Fight Night

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Jacare talked with Megan Olivi ahead of his fight against Derek Brunson in Charlotte

- Thank you so much, Karen. Jacare, it's been about nine months since we last saw you in the Octagon. And since then, you've had two pretty big health concerns with the surgery for your pectoral muscles and then of course the appendicitis. Talk to me about how you got back on your feet, and back into fighting shape in order to compete here?


- It was hard for me to back train again. I was out of shape, fat, lazy. But I feel great right now. And I come to destroy him. I'm ready.

MEGAN OLIVI: Fat and lazy, Jacare, I don't think exists. But you're taking on Derek Brunson, who you did defeat in 41 seconds in your last outing years ago. Obviously, you've both changed as fighters. Where, really, do feel like you've improved the most? And how do you top that performance?



- Derek did evolve a lot as a fighter. He got a lot better. I give him that. But I'm prepared, I'm ready, you know, in all area aspects. So I'm coming to destroy him tomorrow.