Stipe Miocic will fight Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title at UFC 226

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Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier will coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, and cap off the season when they face off at UFC 226 for the heavyweight world title.

- Because we have got some massive news about season 27 of the Ultimate Fighter and the coaches involved.

- Yeah, this is really exciting, Stipe Miocic versus Daniel Cormier. Those two will be serving as their coaches for the Ultimate Fighter. It premieres April 18th on Fox Sports 1. This season, of course, is called undefeated because all the contestants are at 155 pounds or 145 pounds.

They will all be undefeated. And then those coaches face off on July 7th at UFC 226 at T-Mobile Arena. That's International Fight Week. DC versus Stipe for the heavyweight world title.

- Megan, I talked to DC. And DC said, I am a dream chaser. He said I had a long talk with [INAUDIBLE] Velasquez. He told me this is OK. He gave me the blessing for the fight. He said, I'm going to return to my original weight. I'm going to go out there. And I'm going to take out the baddest man on the planet. And not only that, I'm going to also still be a coach on Ultimate Fighter show. So he's amazingly stoked. And this a great opportunity for both guys.

- Absolutely.

- Daniel Cormier has to be the hardest working man in mixed martial arts right now. You just fought last week, buddy. And now he's going to coach the Ultimate Fighter, unbelievable. Can't wait for this fight. DC can truly be a legend. Unbelievable.

- Now here ago, I thought that they were best buddies now, after they filmed in the "Clinch" together. But who knows? But I love that Stipe is putting it on the line as well. We have to give him some credit in this situation. I mean--

- Of course.

- Of course. Of course. It's going to be fantastic.