Dustin Poirier talks with Laura Sanko about his fight with Anthony Pettis

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Dustin Poirier talks with Laura Sanko about his upcoming fight with Anthony Pettis and what he needs to do to win.

- Dustin, last time we saw you in this octagon, it ended in a no contest. A frustrating finish. Were you surprised when you got the call to be matched up with Anthony Pettis and not the rematch with Alvarez?

- Yeah I was surprised. But it's another former champion to look great against. And it's a main event here in Norfolk. So it was another great opportunity. I'm excited about it.

LAURA SANKO: He's an unpredictable guy, a very creative striker. What do you see as being the key to keeping him uncomfortable in this fight?

DUSTIN POIRIER: Pressure. I got to stay in his face. He gets a good rhythm going when he's out in the open kickboxing and doing that unpredictable stuff. But when guys get in his face and put him against the fence and make it a ugly fight, he seems to have trouble coming back from that.

LAURA SANKO: He's worked quite a bit on his wrestling in this camp. We saw that in the documentary. Do you still feel like you have an edge in that department?

- I know I do. I don't feel like it. I'll show you Saturday.

LAURA SANKO: This fight is scheduled for five rounds. Both of you are known to be finishers, though, although he's never been finished but one time. Do you see this fight going into those later rounds?

DUSTIN POIRIER: We'll see. You've got two veterans who are going to go in there and push the pace. So I think a finish will happen.

LAURA SANKO: Assuming that you do get the win tomorrow night, do you feel like this is the type of win that you need to get that title shot?

DUSTIN POIRIER: I thought I looked very good against Eddie Alvarez, a former champ. Here's Anthony Pettis, a former champ. I'm going to shine on him. I'll be one away. I know it.

- Dustin, thank you so much for taking a second. Best of luck to you.

- Thanks.

- Todd, back to you.