The UFC on FOX crew breaks down Dustin Poirier vs. Anthony Pettis

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Kenny Florian, Tyron Woodley and James Krause join Todd Grisham to discuss the Lightweight fight between Dustin Poirier and Anthony Pettis on Saturday November 11th.

- All right, Kenny, the fighters hit the scales this morning. So let's break them down. In tomorrow's main event, Louisiana native Dustin Poirier faces former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis. What do you like about this headline?

KENNY FLORIAN: Well, everything. I like everything about this main event.

First of all, we have two high profile fighters who are really at their prime right now at 155 pounds. Anthony Pettis, the former champ, at 155 pounds. Dustin Poirier, a guy who is trying to get to the top of this division.

Both these guys have a lot of offense. They're both aggressive. Very exciting fighters. Can't wait for this one.

ANNOUNCER 1: You know, you look at these guys, and you see, man, they're virtually a mirror of each other. One person may be a little bit better at boxing in Dustin Poirier. Anthony Pettis may be a little bit better at kicking.

But I've been in a gym. I've trained alongside and with both of these guys. They do not care what weight class you're in. They do not care what your craft is. They will come after you.

They're very game, very gritty opponents. They're very creative. And they show that time and time again in the octagon.

- This fight, to me, is insane. I go back and forth on it. I think that it's the range of Anthony Pettis versus the fundamental boxing of Dustin Poirier.

Both these guys-- similar to you, Tyron. I've had the opportunity to train with both these guys. And they both bring some just amazing, amazing tools to the table. I feel like with Pettis, he has this awkward range that's really difficult to get past. And then with Pourier, he's got this really, really weird pop sting on the end of his punches.

So like I said, I go back and forth on this fight. I'm really excited to see what happens.

- Both men feel they have a title shot in their future. This match crucial for both of them if that's exactly what they want.