Sugar Ray Leonard: Conor McGregor ‘surprised, impressed me’

Sugar Ray Leonard gives his thoughts on the huge fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

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- Brian Kenny here with Sugar Ray Leonard. And Conor McGregor, Ray, shocks the world for a while-- early on. Let's talk about that. We can get to what eventually happened of course. But early on, what did you think of the boxing skill of Conor McGregor?

- McGregor surprised me. He impressed me with being able to utilize his own style to keep Mayweather off balance for a few rounds-- four or five rounds. And it was amazing. But what happened, all of a sudden the seventh round or so he just ran out of gas.

- You could see the boxing pedigree in Conor McGregor from his early days in Dublin, and I even said to you while we were broadcasting for the world feed Ray that, hey, Conor McGregor just took around from Floyd Mayweather-- something I think a lot of people thought would be a ludicrous idea one year ago. What are your thoughts on that?

- Well, that too was impressive. And the fact that he used his jab and being a southpaw it's pretty difficult. But then again, he switched up. He did some things that a normal guy wouldn't do. But I tell you what, he was tough.

- And the patience, of course, of Floyd Mayweather-- it's what makes him a Hall of Famer like yourself Ray. Your thoughts on his plan in eventually taking over this fight and then beating down Conor McGregor.

- Well, from the first round until the sixth round, Floyd was not really-- he had yet to figure out McGregor. Then all of a sudden, the experience took over. The champion took over. The future Hall of Famer took over. Floyd became Floyd Mayweather, broken him down, and stopped him.

- I agreed with the stoppage by Robert Byrd. And McGregor talked about it after and said, hey, let me get knocked down. I'm still wobbly. I thought it was a good stoppage. What did you think?

- I thought was a great stoppage and a safe stoppage. Because McGregor was spent. He was out of it-- totally out of it. He has big heart, but Floyd would have done some damage.

- Well, the fans out there-- and I'm talking not just boxing fans or MMA fans-- fans worldwide, mainstream fans, not even sports fans wanted to see this fight. And that's what they got-- a very good fight. Fascinating for much of the night.

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