Mayweather CEO Leonard Ellerbe says Conor McGregor has a future in boxing

Leonard Ellerbe discussed Conor McGregor's future in boxing and Floyd Mayweather's performance.

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- Well, a lot of people never expected this fight to happen-- more or less to be a spectacle. The spectacle that it was, what were your impressions of tonight?

- I was very impressed. It was an outstanding turn out, and Conor McGregor-- I was very impressed with his performance. He's a very, very tough warrior, and he represented his country and the UFC very well.

- Did you expect this fight to go exactly as it did?

- Yes, I actually did. I knew that the fight would come down to experience. After the first couple of rounds, Floyd would be able to wear him down because it's different. Like I was saying, in the UFC they're not used to getting punched often and the pace of--

- Not just solely punches.

- Yeah, and the pace that Floyd was keeping, was keeping the pressure and walking down. I knew sooner or later he wouldn't be able to deal. But again, I was very impressed with Conor's performance. He's a very, very tough warrior. And again, like I said, he represented his country very well.

- I asked this question of Floyd Mayweather. But does Conor McGregor have a career in boxing?

- Yes, he does because he's 28-- he just turned 29. Again, I was very impressed that he was able to-- and he showed me a few things. He definitely has a career in boxing.

- This for Mayweather Promotions in general was a great thing. What is next for Mayweather Promotions and if Floyd does not box?

- Well, we have 42 fighters outstanding-- an outstanding stable. Some terrific performances tonight starting with Badou Jack. That was an outstanding performance. Andrew Tabiti, Gervonta Davis to name just a few. Very, very impressive stable that we have-- a great group of young guys. I'm very excited about our future.

- What did you say to Floyd? Or have you spoken to him since he won?

- I just told him I'm so proud of him, and I'm glad that he was able to end his career with an outstanding performance the way he did. And I'm just so happy for him.

- What are your plans tonight?

- Going to get some rest.

- I doubt it.

- I haven't been to sleep in like two days.

- Well deserved. OK Leonard, thank you so much.

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