Woodley crushes Koscheck by KO

Tyron Woodley tags and drops Koscheck early with a big right

hand, Koscheck survives and gets the clinch against the cage.

Woodley drops Koscheck again late in the round and ends up on top

walking him back to the cage and pounding away from the top.

Tyron Woodley bounced back from a bad performance in his last

fight to pick up another knockout victory, this time over Ultimate

Fighter 1 veteran Josh Koscheck.

Woodley’s last fight ended with him struggling to get away from

the clinch of top grappler Jake Shields, so this time around he was

determined to keep the distance and throw huge, crippling shots

every time he engaged.

The plan worked perfectly in the opening moments as Woodley

dropped Koscheck early, but as he swarmed the San Jose based

fighter was able to grab hold and keep from taking any more damage.

Another exchange later in the first round resulted in another

knockdown from Woodley, who tried to finish with punches on the

mat, but again he was pulled into a stall from Koscheck to stave

off the end.

Back on the feet, Koscheck tried his best to push forward with

an offensive attack, but instead his jaw was crushed by a monstrous

right hook courtesy of Woodley. Koscheck stumbled back and Woodley

threw one more punch for good measure as the former NCAA champion

wrestler just crumbled to the ground.

Following the victory, Woodley said that he knew the fight could

only end up being a slugfest after matching up two such similar


“This was our opportunity to go out and steal the show,” Woodley

said. “That’s what we did.”

The win marks Woodley’s second in the UFC Octagon since moving

over from Strikeforce earlier this year. His record moves to 12-2

overall while he picks up his biggest career win over a former UFC

welterweight title contender.

On the cusp of his 36th birthday, Koscheck drops his third loss

in a row with his second straight by knockout. The former Ultimate

Fighter competitor will now have to ask some very tough questions

about his future in the Octagon while watching his record drop to

2-4 over his last six fights.