With UFC 194 main event ahead, Jose Aldo can’t wait to put his skills on display

Featherweight world champion Jose Aldo pulled out of his UFC 189 title defense against Conor McGregor in July because of badly injured ribs. This Saturday, Aldo will step into the cage against his rival.

In all, not much time has actually passed since last summer. That means Aldo hasn’t had a great deal of time to heal and train again.

During a recent media call, however, "Scarface" insisted that he’s completely healed and ready to go at UFC 194.

"Yeah, I’m 100 percent since the last fight," he said. "I’m healed up."

Even though the Brazilian is the UFC’s longest-reigning world champion, many more fight fans likely know the name and face of his challenger. Part of that is certainly the promotional push McGregor has gotten, and another part simply the result of his bombastic public personality.

It is also the case that McGregor has fought three times since Aldo last competed, in October 2014. Sometimes, when even a great fighter is out of sight, he can go out of fan’s minds.

Aldo is looking forward to the big stage he’ll have this weekend, in the UFC 194 main event. More fans than ever before will get to see his handiwork.

"Yeah, for sure," he said.

"I think the reason that I don’t fight as often is because I’m involved in big fights, so this is another chance for the fans that don’t know me to be able to watch and get to know my work."

Aldo is loathe to give his antagonist McGregor credit for anything. He did admit to this coming bout being the biggest of his career, however.

Except he says that’s because he always views his next fight as the most important. "I think every fight is the biggest fight of my career," he explained.

"Always the next one is the biggest one. So, I’m looking at this fight as the biggest fight of my career, because it’s the next one."