Will Brooks rips ‘unprofessional’ Alex Oliveira for missing weight by over 5 pounds


Will Brooks was already plenty motivated to win his fight on Saturday night, but his opponent Alex Oliveira may have just inadvertently added some extra fuel to the fire.

Oliveira stepped onto the scales on Friday morning at the official UFC weigh-ins and came in at 161.5 pounds — a full 5.5 pounds over the lightweight limit at 156 pounds in a non-title bout.

Once Brooks got word of Oliveira missing weight, he unleashed a tirade on Twitter aimed at the Brazilian for coming into their fight so far over the limit.

“I just saw that Alex Oliveira missed weight by 5.5 pounds. Come on man, that's unprofessional,” Brooks said. “I take this serious, bro. I'm not in the business of not doing my job.  My wife and my daughter can't afford for me to miss weight. Can't afford for the commission to take 10 percent, 20 percent of my paycheck. This is profession, this is your job. Be a professional, make weight. This is my problem with guys now. Dudes don't get that it's entertainment, but it's also a professional. This is serious business. I sacrificed a lot to get here but I'm still in the sauna and he's 5.5 pounds over. I'm in the sauna right now, I'm like .8 over, but I want to make sure that I'm on point.

“That upsets me. That angers me. That pisses me off.”

As part of his punishment for missing weight, Oliveira will have to fork over 20-percent of his fight purse, which automatically goes to Brooks.

The fight in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night was actually Oliveira's first back at lightweight since he faced Piotr Hallmann at UFC Fight Night in Brazil in November 2015.

Since that time, Oliveira has competed twice in the UFC with both fights taking place at welterweight.

For his part, Brooks eventually stepped on the scale at 156 pounds while accepting the catch weight bout with Oliveira on Saturday night.