White takes a shot at Mayweather after comments about Conor McGregor

The ongoing beef between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has even managed to pull in UFC president Dana White.

Earlier this week, Mayweather said it was flat out disrespectful that people compare McGregor to him, especially considering his career accomplishments where he retired from boxing with an undefeated record and championships in five different weight classes.

McGregor fired back in kind by offering terms to make a long rumored bout with Mayweather a reality while saying that the boxer was scared of real fight so they'd have to compete under boxing rules.

Ever since the rumors about a fight between the two superstars first emerged, White has said that Mayweather could reach out to him about making the matchup come together, but he never heard from the retired boxing champ.

Now following this latest verbal altercation, White took up for McGregor when it came to his opinion on Mayweather, especially regarding his fighting style inside the ring.

“Conor McGregor, if he touches you, you go to sleep. Floyd puts people to sleep too, with his fighting style, not with his hands,” White told TMZ.

“You know how Floyd knocks people out? When they're not looking. Watch the Victor Ortiz fight.”

To his credit, Mayweather didn't bring up McGregor on his own this week, but rather was asked about him during an interview. Then again, Mayweather did claim responsibility for the rumors that first surfaced about a boxing match with McGregor earlier this year.

McGregor has responded to Mayweather several times during 2016, but whether or not a fight between the two of them will ever actually come together remains unlikely.

It's clear White sides with McGregor, especially while considering the way he fights versus the style Mayweather employed throughout his career.

“This kid's just getting started. This kid's 28 years old. Floyd can say what he wants about Conor, but even other fighters have to respect him. He's special,” White said.

“Floyd's never even come close to doing to other fighters what Conor does.”