White addresses Jon Jones’ criticism

Jon Jones isn’t quite feeling the matchmaking process that

involves the contenders around him. In a recent interview, the UFC

light-heavyweight champion was a bit critical of the process

that’s getting challengers to him.

Jones made the comments to MMA Fighting just before the


target="_blank">UFC matched up his last opponent Alexander

Gustafsson with Jimi Manuwa. Jones has never seen Manuwa fight,

but it’s probably safe to assume he doesn’t feel any

differently than he felt when it was supposed to be Antonio Rogerio

Nogueira in his place.

“I just want to see [Gustafsson] fight a top

contender,” he said. “It seems like these guy

aren’t really having the toughest time getting to the belt.

Glover Teixiera goes from [Ryan] Bader to a championship fight.

Gustafsson went from Shogun [Rua] to a championship fight.

Let’s have the top guys fight each other. I feel like they

save all the dogs for me and give the toughest guys the easiest

matchups to get a title shot. Let’s see some of these top

contenders fight each other, you know? But like I say, either way

I’m going to fight the toughest dudes anyway, so it really

doesn’t matter what journey they’re on, but I’m

definitely noticing it seems that top contendesr really

aren’t fighting other top contenders at all.”

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(Alexander Gustafsson proved to be Jones’ toughest test


Asked for his thoughts on the champ’s comments, UFC

president Dana White pointed out that some did say the thing about

Gustafsson, and look how well he did when he vaulted into the title


“Jon, I love you, you’re not a matchmaker,”

White said. “Fight your fight, he’ll fight his fight,

and don’t worry about it. When you talk like that it makes it

sound like you’re worried about it.”

Manuwa is a perfect 14-0 overall in his career, and 3-0 in the

UFC, with all of his octagon wins via TKO.

White said that when he first announced Gustafsson would fight

Nogueira, he had a verbal agreement from Gustafsson but not

Nogueira, whom they couldn’t reach. When they finally did so,

Nogueira said he was still injured and could not fight.

“The fight isn’t for four months, and he’s

determined that he’s already hurt. I don’t understand

him,” White said. “The guy’s always hurt. Every

time you call him, he’s hurt.”

While Jones would have preferred to see Daniel Cormier step in

against Gustafsson, he’ll have to stand by and see what comes

of Gustafsson’s opportunity to get back to a rematch


“Both these guys are strikers. I think it’s going to

be a standup war. I think anything is possible,” White said.

“This happens all the time. Same f—ing thing people said

about Gustaffson. ‘Oh, Gustafsson is going to fight f—ing

Jon Jones. Jon Jones is going to kill him.’ OK.”