Silva-Sonnen spat continues

Chael Sonnen’s lobbying to take on Wanderlei Silva on UFC’s upcoming debut on the FOX Sports 1 stepped up a couple notches on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight.”

A week after Sonnen issued a challenged to Silva on Twitter, Silva responded on Tuesday night.

"Jon Jones and Anderson (Silva) have been too nice to Chael,” Silva told FUEL TV’s Ariel Helwani. “I want to suck his blood. I want to smell it. Not just fight. Not just fight. I want to hurt him."

Sonnen had a curt response, as you’d expect.

“I think the real breaking news there is that Wanderlei Silva put together a coherent sentence that somebody understood,” Sonnen said. “But I can assure you, Wanderlei, I will not be signing a contract for you to suck on any part of me. I suggest you take a bath and find yourself.”

Silva said that he hadn’t even heard about Sonnen’s challenge and, further, that nobody at UFC had contacted him about a potential fight.

UFC makes its debut on FOX Sports 1 on Aug. 17, the same day the national sports network premieres.