Waldburger sent to hospital after KO

A scary


target="_blank">knockout courtesy of Adlan Amagov at UFC 166

left welterweight competitor TJ Waldburger down on the Octagon

floor for several minutes as physicians attended to him.

The Texas native remained motionless while doctors checked him

out before eventually bringing in a board and a neck brace for

precaution. Waldburger was carried out of the Octagon on a

stretcher before being immediately transported to a local Houston

hospital according to UFC officials speaking to FOX Sports.

The good news is that Waldburger was alert and responsive and

speaking to paramedics as he left the arena.

Waldburger fell victim to a knockout courtesy of Amagov, who

clipped him with a quick hook standing before landing some vicious

shots on the ground to finish the fight. The stoppage came at 3:45

in the first round while moving Waldburger’s record to 16-8


Amagov picks up his second win in the UFC and third win in a row

overall with the victory at UFC 166.