Visa issues scrap Mitch Gagnon vs Alex Caceres at UFC Fight Night

A bantamweight bout planned for Friday’s card in Australia

pitting Alex ‘Bruce Leeroy’ Caceres and Mitch Gagnon has been

scrapped and removed from the card.

According to UFC officials, Gagnon had visa issues, which

prevented him from traveling from his home country in Canada to the

fight in Australia.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to solve the visa problems in

time for the fight, so the UFC has opted to pull both Caceres and

Gagnon from the card.

The UFC Fight Night card will now more forward with 11 fights in

total. The fight between Caceres and Gagnon was expected to kick

off the main card airing on FOX Sports 1, but as of yet the UFC

hasn’t announced which fight will get bumped up to take its


The undercard is now left with five possible fights to choose

from with one taking over a slot on the main card after the void

left by Caceres and Gagnon. The UFC is expected to make an

announcement in the coming days about the replacement fight.