Vitor Miranda lands vicious head kick in TKO victory at UFC 196 (VIDEO)

Vitor Miranda did a lot of damage in a very short amount of time as he put away Marcelo Guimaraes in the second round of their matchup at UFC 196 on Saturday night.

After a largely uneventful opening round, Miranda was forced to fend off a takedown from Guimaraes to open round two.

Rather than get stuck in the clinch against the cage, Miranda unloaded a barrage of elbows to the side of his opponent’s head in rapid-fire succession.

Guimaraes didn’t drop from the elbow strikes, but he was clearly dazed as he abandoned the takedown attempt and stepped back away from Miranda.

A second later, Miranda launched a right kick that absolutely blasted Guimaraes across the side of his head as he stumbled backwards towards the cage wall.

Miranda didn’t let up with his pressure after hurting Guimaraes with the kick because he quickly followed up with a huge combination of punches as the referee came rushing in to stop the fight.

After the referee got between the fighters, Guimaraes stumbled and fell to the floor, a victim of a second round TKO courtesy of Miranda.

Miranda has now won three fights in a row in the UFC with all of the victories coming by way of TKO.

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