The Ultimate Writer: ATT’s Sabah Homasi breaks down Episode 1

The day to move in to "The Ultimate Fighter" house has finally come! Going in with a great group of guys and ready to take this season down! We definitely arrived at the house in style, pulled up on a big-ass yacht. When we first walked into the house I was a little pissed because I had seen that the Blackzilians had the master-bedroom side of the house. Come to find out that they did a coin toss for that side of the house and we lost. It is what it is, not a big deal. The house we lived in was ENORMOUS. American Top Team was the first to arrive at the house so we had plenty of time to explore and cook up some food before the Blackzilians got there. When they arrived, of course everyone was looking at one another, but I just didn’t give a f*** about who they had on their team. I knew I was more than ready for whatever they had to offer. 

When Dana White walked into the room it was surreal. This was it, my time to shine and showcase my skills. When we lost the coin toss it was no big deal to me, I figured we might as well let them have one fight at their gym and we’ll quickly gain control and keep it at our house. This season of "The Ultimate Fighter" is completely different from the others in that you don’t know when or if you are going to fight. You can also fight multiple times if the coaches choose you. All you can do is train hard and keep your weight down. 

To be honest, when the coaches chose the first fight and it wasn’t me I was f****** mad. I really wanted to fight but I know I wasn’t the only one that wanted to get in there first. I just told myself that "it’s OK and I’ll have my shot sooner or later." I just have to be supportive to my teammates and help all of them out as much as I can. Mike Graves is up and it’s his time to shine! 

We were cooking in the kitchen and realized the Blackzilians wrote down "Blackzilians" on most of the meat and food that was in the house, which got me heated. I don’t give a s*** if it has your name on it or not, I’ll still eat it. This was before we started getting our food that we wrote down on the list, so everything was pretty much community food. 

Weigh-ins were finally here. I knew prior to weigh-ins that they were going to put up Kamaru to fight. They were going to go with their guy that could hump and kill time the best. Who better than their strongest wrestler? When both fighters faced off Mike wasn’t making any eye contact and Kamaru was just staring at him, but then the REAL face-off happened between the owners. Glen comes up and starts staring Dan down like he’s some bad-ass guy. He does know this is a MMA fight and not a hot-dog eating competition, right? Just get behind your fighter and support him, don’t act like someone you’re not. 

It’s fight day! My teammates and I are pretty close and we support each other 100 percent. We always have a positive mindset going into fights. I stopped by Mike’s room before we left to the gym, and of course he is ready for battle. 

The fighters finally walk out and fight is about to start. The energy that was in the gym was insane! First round, Kamaru comes out trying to be slick and he gets popped with a jab right off the bat. Mike is trying to engage in the striking, but Kamaru is closing the distance and trying to take Mike down. They did get into some exchanges but mainly Kamaru just wanted to get the fight to the ground where he thought he would have better control. 

Second round was underway and both fighters get after it right away. Kamaru goes in for a takedown and pushes Mike against the cage. Forty seconds in, Kamaru was holding the cage and the five-star ref they had didn’t acknowledge it. It was obvious what was happening and he didn’t warn Kamaru once. When he finally stopped holding the cage Mike got away. Kamaru took a bad shot and Mike capitalized on it and took his back. He almost had the choke but Kamaru defended it and ended up being on top with 30 seconds left. My team for sure thought we were going to a third round but that wasn’t the case. The judges gave the fight to Kamaru via majority decision. 

After the fight Hayder got a little heated and was saying he’ll knock everyone out (which he can, to those he hasn’t already). That’s when Kamaru came over and started talkin’ his s***, then Glenn came over and said some s*** — which pissed me off. They didn’t show a lot of what happened (on the episode), but it is what it is. We lost that battle but we haven’t lost the war. We still have 11 fights to go. On to the next one!