The coolest things about the new T-Mobile Arena, site of UFC 200

When UFC 200 lands in Las Vegas on July 9 it will be the first card the promotion has held at the new state-of-the-art T-Mobile Arena, which opens its doors for the first time on Wednesday.

The 20,000 arena built by AEG and MGM Resorts is expected to hold more than 100 events per year with the UFC, boxing, hockey and basketball events taking center stage throughout the year.

The UFC is a staple of Las Vegas and will likely hold several cards at the new arena over the next few years.

So what can fans expect when they venture into the new facility to see the Conor McGregor-Nate Diaz rematch in July? Let’s take a look:


Maybe the most important part of an arena experience for anybody is not just getting a good seat, but being able to see what you paid for once you’re inside. Often times with the UFC Octagon in the center of the floor many arenas’ balcony seats make it tough to see the action.

That won’t be the case for the T-Mobile Arena, as it has specialized seating created for events like the UFC in mind.

"T-Mobile Arena will be able to seat up to 20,000 people for a UFC event. The lower bowl of the arena has a unique design feature of telescopic seat installation that allows the event promoter to adjust the width and height of the seats to provide for the best sightlines for the guests at any particular event.

"Additionally, the arena’s bowl was built with as steep as an angle as architecturally possible, so that even the top row of seats feel intimate and close to the action."


In the day and age where social media is king, there’s nothing more frustrating than stepping into an arena and finding out the Wi-Fi crawls at speeds somewhere slower than dial-up service. Many arenas across the United States don’t even have public Wi-Fi for patrons attending events (horror).

With a name like T-Mobile Arena it would seem fairly obvious that Wi-Fi was a priority for the new facility. Fans will be glad to know that they will be able to speed along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram once inside. Plus if the battery is running low, they can even charge their phones.

"T-Mobile Arena is built in tune with the needs and wants of today’s guests. The arena has a 10-Gigabit redundant fiber optic network so everyone has high-speed internet at all locations throughout the venue. In addition, everyone at T-Mobile Arena will benefit from charging stations located throughout the arena concourse."


It’s rare to go to a UFC event, which often lasts the better part of six hours from the start of the prelims until the end of the main event, without partaking in some sustenance. The T-Mobile Arena will feature a ton of food and drink selections with several restaurants featured throughout the multi-level facility.

"On the food front, guests will find suite offerings reflecting Vegas’ theatrical spirit, a concourse filled with fan favorites, including the legendary Shake Shack as well as the popular Las Vegas eatery Ferraro’s Pizza Forte.

"Menus will change to anticipate fan tastes from craft cocktails to hand-carved pork Hoisin Bahn Mi, a made-to-order Ahi Tuna Poke Bar and Club lounges that feature craft beer, duck fat frites and artisanal charcuterie."

In addition to the food choices, the T-Moble Arena will also feature a mixologist who is in charge of all the unique beverages that will be served within.

"Esteemed mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim has a vision on ways to create a personalize cocktail experience that you would expect from a boutique bar, while still being able to keep up with the demand of a 20,000-seat venue. The arena will feature one of the largest scale draft cocktail systems in existence in addition to an ambitious ice program that will offer a specific blocks (cubes, spheres, etc.) for each cocktail available at every concession stand in the venue.

"Additionally, Tony has created T-Mobile Arena’s own exclusive cocktail ‘The Atomic Fizz.’ This distinctively magenta cocktail based on Grey Good Le Citron Vodka aims to be what the Mint Julep is for Churchhill Downs."


One of the best parts about a big sporting event is the tailgating that happens before the action inside. The T-Mobile Arena was built with that activity in mind.

"In front of T-Mobile Arena is the Toshiba Plaza — a two-acre outdoor space created to entertain guests upon their arrival to the arena. Toshiba Plaza features four white steel towers that support three 100-inch monitors that can project pre-game footage leading up to the event.

"The space is meant for activations and can even host its own concerts as it faces T-Mobile Arena’s outdoor plug n’ play stage that is just beneath a massive 45×200-foot mesh LED screen."


An 18,000 square-foot nightclub on the top floor of the Arena, called the Hyde Lounge, will allow patrons with a ticket to party before, during and after an event for no additional charge.

There are also VIP luxury areas where "guests can watch fights from 310-square foot Luxury Suites that offer a home-style experience, or sit in Opera Boxes with leather banquets and their own tablet to order drink service."

Attendees are also treated to gigantic outdoor balconies with views surrounding the Las Vegas Strip, as well as two private lounges inside the arena. And on top of it all, the T-Mobile Arena boasts that it was built with the environment in mind with greenscapes, cool roofs and solar reflective materials to reduce heat.

With all that, it may be hard to remember why you’re there in the first place. 

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