Read the letter the UFC sent to fighters about $4 billion sale

For the first time in 15 years, the UFC has new owners. And maybe more important than that, the roster of more than 500 fighters has new bosses.

But how do you tell 500 men and women that you’ve sold the brand and their contracts? By email, that’s how.

Longtime UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon, who is coming off a win at UFC 200, shared a copy of the letter he and other fighters received from the UFC on Monday morning, shortly after the announcement of the $4 billion sale.

The letter explains the ongoing roles of former CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and president Dana White and expresses the continued importance of the fighters to new owners WME-IMG.

The UFC has grown immensely in the 15 years it was owned by White and Fertitta brothers, and the last two years have seen the promotion and the sport reach new levels of popularity in the United States and abroad.

Only time will tell how and whether things change, but right now the former owners of the UFC are telling fighters things will remain largely the same with the new owners.