Rose Namajunas almost ‘quit’ before facing Tecia Torres on Saturday night

Rose Namajunas has wanted to avenge her loss to Tecia Torres ever since they first met in 2013, but after their rematch, she admitted that it took everything she could muster just to walk to the Octagon on Saturday night.

"This one, I’d say was probably the toughest fight in just build-up, and training camp was the toughest I’ve ever had," Namajunas told FOX Sports after defeating Torres by unanimous decision.

"There’s been many times I wanted to quit and not show up for my job, but I had to be professional no matter how I felt. I’m just really proud of myself and believing in myself, and I’m really thankful for my coaches (who) really just stuck behind me and made me believe in myself."

Namajunas is admittedly her own worst critic and she put a ton of pressure on herself to perform well in the rematch with Torres because she knew there would be no third opportunity if she fell on Saturday night.

The rigors of a tough training camp coupled with battling her own mind in preparation for the fight took a lot out of Namajunas before she even stepped into the cage.

"I was pushing myself to the physical limit everyday. It was really hard for me mentally, though, to give into training and be positive and really just pat myself on the back," Namajunas said.

"I was so hard on myself this training camp, just constantly being negative to the point where I wanted to almost just make myself quit. This was such a mental fight for me, more than anything else, especially with the history we had."

Her accomplishment now tastes that much sweeter as Namajunas can celebrate her victory over Torres and a third win in a row overall in the UFC.

The victory also puts Namajunas that much closer to a title shot as she is likely now the No. 1 contender in the strawweight division awaiting the upcoming fight between Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Claudia Gadelha. 

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