Rory MacDonald: If GSP returns he wants super fights, not the belt

The rumors about former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre returning to the UFC continue to gain steam after he recently said that he’s been contemplating a comeback more than ever before.

St-Pierre’s teammate and close friend Rory MacDonald was asked about his potential return to the UFC and at first he balked at knowing any more than the rest of the world on whether or not the former nine-time defending champ would come back or not.

"My guess is as good as yours honestly. I really don’t know," MacDonald said in Ireland as part of the UFC Q&A on Friday. "This is the inside — I don’t know s**t."

MacDonald and St-Pierre have trained together for years, however, and the former champion has been instrumental in helping his young Canadian counterpart prepare for several UFC fights, including his recent battle against Robbie Lawler at UFC 189.

MacDonald came up short in his first bid to win the UFC welterweight title, but that certainly won’t deter him from climbing the ladder and trying again.

Later in the same question-and-answer session, MacDonald was asked again about St-Pierre’s return, but this time in reference to the two of them fighting.

MacDonald and St-Pierre have always maintained the same answer that they would never fight each other, but the most recent challenger to the 170-pound title had a slight slip of the tongue when discussing whether or not his famous teammate is actually coming back or not.

"From what we’ve talked about, he’s not coming back for the belt. He’s coming back for the odd fight I think that interests him," MacDonald said.  "If he comes back — I don’t know if he’s coming back but as far as I know if he does he’s more interested in super fights and what not."

MacDonald maintained that he doesn’t know for certain whether or not St-Pierre is coming back, but if he does make a return it appears that his interest in winning the title again is a waning interest for the former champ.

Of course while he was in the UFC, St-Pierre was one of the most profitable stars on the roster with some of the biggest pay-per-view and attendance numbers for his fights in the history of the sport.

Chances are if St-Pierre comes back he could virtually name his opponent and it would be a huge boon for the UFC to land no matter whom he faces.