Rousey: ‘When I finish people fast … that’s me at my most merciful’

It’s been almost three months since Ronda Rousey dispatched Cat Zingano for the fastest finish in UFC title fight history, but even today she’s still answering questions about her blistering-fast demolition of a previously undefeated contender.

Rousey appeared on Sirius XM Radio on Monday as part of her book tour to introduce her new autobiography, "My Fight, Your Fight," which will be released Tuesday.

During the hour-long question-and-answer session, Rousey spoke about a great many subjects, but when the topic turned to her fight with Zingano, even she admits that at the time it happened, she had no clue what she did. 

It actually took a frame-by-frame breakdown of the film for Rousey to finally realize what she did in the Octagon. And despite Zingano having the perfect counter at the time, there was no answer for the adjustment the champion made into a move that had never been seen before.

"She did all the right things, she didn’t do anything wrong. That’s the thing — there’s no right answer for me. It doesn’t exist. There’s no right answer," Rousey said with confidence.

"How would she know that I would invent a new armbar on the spot? I caught her arm and then jumped in completely from the side, and no one had ever seen an armbar like that before. She couldn’t prepare for that reversal or that armbar because they didn’t exist until then."

Rousey’s dominance of every fighter she’s faced so far in her career has made some question whether the talent in the bantamweight division is really up to snuff. Is Rousey just that much better, or are the other fighters just not that good to begin with?

Rousey believes it’s the former because she sees the division turning into a real shark pit once she finally retires and leaves the UFC women’s bantamweight title behind.

"The competition is really good," Rousey said. "Watch after I retire, there’s going to be a rotating belt because the competition is really, really tight, and these chicks are really, really good. But the higher-caliber opponent, the better I do. I fight above myself to the level of the opponent."

Rousey is confident that she can continue to top her performances, although don’t expect a 14-second finish in her upcoming fight at UFC 190 in Brazil, when she faces another undefeated contender in Bethe Correia.

Correia has had plenty of things to say about Rousey over the past year, not to mention beating two of her teammates to earn the title shot in the first place. Correia has been poking the bee’s nest, and Rousey is excited to finally unleash her attack on the Brazilian.

But just like a swarm going for the kill, Rousey promises that Correia won’t leave the Octagon in Brazil with just a couple of stings. She claims Correia is going to leave beaten and broken because finishing her quickly would just be too nice.

"When I finish people fast, they don’t realize that’s me at my most merciful," Rousey said. "So I’m not going to be nice to her."