UFC Phoenix Results: Tony Martin Smothers Alex White

UFC Phoenix’s finish streak came to a close when Tony Martin committed to a grappling strategy to defeat Alex White.

Tony Martin was originally scheduled to fight Erik Koch on this card but Koch suffered another injury and that fight fell apart. Alex White, coming off a victory over SBG’s Artem Lobov, got the call. “The Spartan” was set to fight Ryan Hall at UFC Sioux Falls, but pulled out with an undisclosed injury.

White is also making his lightweight debut as all of his previous fights were at featherweight. He says he felt drained at 145, which is not the case at 155. Tony Martin was coming off his own victory as well with a submission win over Felipe Olivieri. Martin is definitely what you would consider a submission specialist as eight of his 10 career victories came that way.

Martin came out in the first round and landed a head kick as well as some punches then clinched up against the fence. A low blow from White caused Martin’s cup to break. That caused an awkward moment as Martin had to scramble to find a quick fix.

The action resumed and Martin tried to clinch again but White landed some blows to stop that. Nevertheless, Martin secured the takedown shortly thereafter. From there he finished the round landing some ground and pound while looking for a Kimura, one of his favorite submissions.

In the second, they exchange leg kicks and then White lands a right hook to stumble Martin. Martin recovers quickly and scores another takedown. You can tell this is where he wants to keep the fight.

Landing some ground and pound from half guard opened up a full mount transition for Martin but White was able to reverse that and wind up on top. They break and White lands a couple punches. Martin immediately goes for the takedown yet again this time unsuccessfully and they clinch up against the fence. That’s where the round ends with both men breathing heavily.

Martin goes for the single leg takedown but White stuffs it at the beginning of the third round. Martin slips and White takes advantage. Getting a hold of his neck going for a choke they break and he lands a couple shots as well. Martin seems bothered by something he was apparently poked in the eye. White stops a couple more takedown attempts up against the fence as the fight comes to an end. From start to finish Martin controlled the fight. White landed the biggest blow of the fight but ultimately didn’t do enough.

All three judges scored the fight 30-27 for Martin. Now his third win in his last four fights. He didn’t seem happy with not being able to get the finish, but it was an impressive showing by Tony Martin, who had about four weeks to gameplan for Alex White.

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