UFC Phoenix Results: Drakkar Klose Stifles Devin Powell

Drakkar Klose impressed in his UFC debut by constantly pressuring his opponent Devin Powell with right hands and a heavy clinch.

Devin Powell and Drakkar Klose were moved to the UFC Phoenix featured prelim slot following John Moraga and Sergio Pettis’ move to the main card.

Powell was discovered in the Maine episode of Dana White’s Lookin’ for a Fight in the NEF promotion. His nose was messed up badly early in the fight, but was able to secure a choke before the end of the first round which caught Dana White’s eye. Powell is 8-1 in his career with three submissions and two knockouts.

Drakkar Klose has been representing the MMA LAB well in his young career, with a 6-0-1 record on the regional circuit. With four knockouts in his career and a base in wrestling, Klose is dangerous everywhere.

Drakkar Klose came out very aggressively, pushing Powell against the cage and landing consistent heavy knees. Powell had little to no answer to the pressure-heavy dirty boxing game of Klose. After nearly three minutes, Powell pushed off and reset to the center of the Octagon.

Powell and Klose exchanged powerful strikes, with Klose landing a throw after a jumping knee to the body. Klose stood over the downed Powell, avoiding up-kicks and landing leg kicks of his own. Powell was stood up, and reset to the center of the Octagon to the displeasure of Klose. Klose pushed Powell against the cage aggressively to end the round.

Klose came out like he was shot out of a cannon again in the second round, landing another jumping knee to the body, then calling Powell off the ground after Powell fell.

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Drakkar Klose was hit by a few solid elbows, but responded with huge right hands and another clinch. Throughout the fight, Klose was countering the head kicks of Devin Powell with a right straight. Klose landed a takedown with less than 30 seconds to go in the second round.

A more reserved Klose came out in round three, but under a minute later a fluid combination brought Klose back to the clinch. Klose was talking with commentator Daniel Cormier while holding Powell in the clinch. Once they were separated, Klose began taunting his opponent.

It was more of the same as time wound down, with Klose pressuring Powell. Klose rode out the clock to an easy unanimous 30-27 victory.

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