Holly Holm wants Miesha Tate rematch at UFC 200

Holly Holm is still reeling from the loss to Miesha Tate on Saturday night at UFC 196 that cost her the women’s bantamweight title and a potentially huge payday to fight Ronda Rousey for a second time later this year.

As much as it hurts to miss out on a cash cow like the Rousey rematch, Holm’s thoughts weren’t on money as she sat on the dais after the fights and saw the title she was wearing just a couple of hours earlier sitting in front of Tate.

Though it appeared she had to fight back a few tears, Holm still knew in that moment that the only thing she wanted was a chance to make things right — sooner rather than later.

"I’ll be training right away and I’ll take the fight as soon as they’ll give anything to me. It’s whatever opportunities they’ll give to me right now, we’ll see where they want to go with this. I do want a rematch. Who doesn’t?" Holm said about facing Tate a second time.

"The biggest thing that hurts right now is my heart and I’ve just got to get back in and work hard and I do want the rematch. Who’s to say they’ll give it to me right away. If I have to fight somebody else to get there, if I have to fight my way back, that’s OK too. I know I can put in the hard work to do it and I’m willing to do that."

Following the fight, Holm posted a photo on Instagram that doubled down on her desire to get a rematch with Tate right away rather than sitting on the sidelines or facing another contender instead.

"This is how Saturday night ended but it’s not the end for me," Holm wrote. "I am going to train hard and show that I am better than this. I am down but not out. Thank you Miesha Tate for the opportunity last weekend. Well done.

"What do you say? Let’s do this again. UFC 200 is just around the corner."

The UFC has seemingly already settled on Tate facing Rousey for the title later this year, but the former women’s champion isn’t scheduled to return until at least October or November.

If the UFC wants a marquee fight to add to one of the upcoming summer cards, including UFC 200 in July, there’s always a chance they pull the trigger on a Holm-Tate rematch instead.

Regardless of the path back to the title, Holm really just wants to get the taste of defeat out of her mouth, so she wants to fight again as soon as possible.

"I want to get back in there," Holm said at the post-fight press conference.  "I want a rematch or whoever they’ll set up a fight with. I’m here to fight."

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